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Landscape with Rocks and Palm Trees in North Goa, IndiaSetting up home in Goa the past 8 days, it’s about time to post some first observations. With a rented scooter it’s a pleasure to explore the beaches, towns and hinterlands to get a first feel for the place.

Traffic is surprisingly moderate, I was expecting more mayhem, but then it’s not high season yet. Some things are similar to Bali, like the tourist area vendors; others are completely different. For instance does it seem impossible for foreigners to buy and register a vehicle in your name.

Everywhere where is light there is shadow – here are 11 more impressions:

  1. The Weather is hot (cloudless skies), even though the Goans call it winter. In April or May the temperatures are said to even hover constantly around 40 degrees Celsius. Ouch! Prepare to be soaked or make sure the next Aircon is closeby. ;-)
  2. The Indian Food is unbelievably delicious here! Having tried about 10-15 restaurants and eateries over the last 7 days, there wasn’t a single bad experience or serious disappointment food-wise. The dishes are everywhere very tasty with great variety and freshness. They don’t seem to be overly customized or for the tourist in mind (like in parts of Thailand, where every menu features the same 8-12 “local” dishes, which taste pretty similar and cost the same everywhere). The breads (Roti, Chapati, Naan, etc.) are heavenly and the vegetable gravy could convert you a Vegetarian in no time. Until you try the Chicken Tikka Masala, Fish, other Seafood or Mutton Dishes of course. ;-)
  3. Lonely Pair of Red Flipflops at Morjim Beach, Goa, IndiaGetting an own new Mobile Phone Number (SIM card) is now the same straight-forward and painless 5-minute process like anywhere else in Asia. 3 providers are available (Barthi and Singtel-backed Airtel, Vodafone, !deas)
  4. “Holy Cows” are roaming every street, the beaches and any public place. They usually walk alone or with a calf and are generally in quite good shape. They seem to team up in the evenings to smaller herds laying on streets or at the roadside for a rest. I couldn’t figure out why their horns are shaped in so many different variations. Some are straight, some stand to the sides, some are long, some small and twisted. Truly remarkable!
  5. Stranded Tanker River Princess near Candolim Beach in GoaThe Beaches I’ve seen so far are manifold and come in great varieties. I found the ones at Candolim, Calangute, Baga and to the North up to Anjuna and Vagator not overly crowded (but then the main season is only about to start). The Waters of the Arabian Sea are warm yet still refreshing and very inviting for a swim. Although there are warnings about strong undercurrents. The abandoned Tanker (River Princess) is still there right infront and only just 200 meters off Candolim Beach near Fort Aguada.
  6. Though for many Ex-Hippies Goa is already over-commercialized and overly touristy, this can maybe said about prices and the attitude of vendors, but NOT about Goa’s infrastructure. Roads, electricity, water and waste management besides communications (incl. Internet access options) are definitely limited and below par compared to other popular holiday destinations in Asia. Dirt and Filth are unfortunately everywhere and an Electricity Brownout hit us every other day so far.
  7. Colorful Hindu Temple in North GoaNo Parking Fees anywhere! You can park your car or bike wherever you want and nobody will bug you to pay a parking fee. These were major annoyances in Bali or even Phuket, even though small amounts only. Free at last! ;-)
  8. The Costs of Living seem to be similar or lower (food, drinks) or slightly higher (with bike rental and gasoline prices +50%, housing +30%) here in Goa compared to a similar standard back in Bali. So no Indian Purchasing Power Parity advantage in Goa. This can be a bit annoying, if you consider what you get for the higher costs: guest apartments (forget about renting your own reasonably priced house or Villa here!) are more rundown but cost more, a motor scooter costs only the same when rented long-term for at least a month (compared to 1 day) and the rental bikes (old Honda Activa/Kinetic automatics) are in quite dire states compared to the spanking new Yamaha Mio’s or Honda Vario’s you get in Bali. But then, Goa is not the real India. It’s the smallest, but considered the richest and most expensive state of India. In return many of the problems India faces elsewhere (overpopulation, religious conflicts, hunger and malnutrition) are subdued or not so easily visible in Goa. From what I see left and right here – prices are inflated through package travelers from the UK or Russia, who don’t even try to negotiate, but pay whatever price is asked.
  9. Bottle of local Kingfisher Beer in GoaSomething is wrong with the Beer here. Not that you don’t have a choice, but that they all taste the same. Not similar, but really the same. I tried so far 5 locally produced brands here (Kings, Kingfisher, Belo, Budweiser, Foster’s) and all of them have one thing in common: it is said, that they contain one ingredient that is not listed on the label: Glycerine. Glycerine is rumored to be used here as a preservative and gives the beer a bitter-sweet artificial aftertaste. While a tastier or heavier beer (like Australia’s Foster’s) can handle that additive slightly better; for the lighter beers it almost kills the whole original taste of the beer. Take for instance the local “Belo” or “Kings” brands and you won’t have much fun with it, as the intended beer taste is almost completely covered. Alcohol is cheap in Goa, as the state has some of the lowest alcohol taxes of India. Unfortunately that means that even the international brands are locally brewed here, by the same partner companies or under the same regulations. I’m by no means “the beer connoisseur” or whatever, but this Glycerine stuff is really the killer for the Beer taste here. I want my Bintang! ;-/
  10. The locally produced liqueur (called Fenni) is distilled from Cashew or Coconut and very affordable. It tastes simply delicious – similar to Grappa or Peer Williams Schnaps – and is light on tongue and stomach. Definitely the better Arak and helps a bit with over the mentioned beer disaster. ;-)
  11. Where are all the sexy girls? Coming from Bali’s liberal beaches (although endangered, read about the recently passed pornography bill), that is an apparent, yet shocking observation. No tight jeans with tiny T-shirt or tank tops, no miniskirts showing off long brown, flawless legs, no flimsy summer dresses. No local beach beauties passing you on scooters (except for scanty-clad European tourists), no long jet-black hair waving in the wind, or someone with a winning (and knowing) smile looking at you. Everything is covered up here. It must be a complete different Hindu religion then. Indian Males dominate the scene. Women are a rare sight, fully covered up or completely hidden at home. It that what they call a man’s world? ;-)

Okay, so much about our first subjective impressions coming here. I was never before in Goa or India, so some things are truly based on my limited knowledge about the place beforehand. But that’s what traveling is about, to open yourself up for a new culture and exploring new shores.

There are plenty of things to see and do around here. After getting acclimatized, we definitely want to see the ruins of Hampi, the huge waterfalls in Goa and will explore as much of the beaches and landscapes surrounding the state. So, enough to do for the next 6 months.

What were your best or worst experiences when you first traveled to India?

Did you come to find or lose yourself here?

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written by Chris

44 Responses to “Moving to Goa – 11 early Impressions”

  1. ZishaanNo Gravatar INDIA Says:

    I live in India so I’m not sure if I am qualified to answer the question. My best travel experiences in India have been:

    – Golden temple in Amritsar
    – Delhi to Leh drive
    – Drive through Rajasthan
    – Riding through Goa on a scooter
    – Living in Bombay and Delhi
    – Beaches and scuba in Andaman islands

  2. ChrisNo Gravatar INDIA Says:

    Zishaan, of course you are most welcome and best qualified. Thanks for your additions, will virtually check those destinations out and see which of those could suit me as well! ;-)

  3. FriskoDudeNo Gravatar UNITED STATES Says:

    Hey Chris!

    Carl Parkes here. Totally thrilled you are in Goa. What a place and time! I’d would recommend that you also go south and explore Kerala, which doesn’t have much historical stuff, but the canal trip is amazing.

    Tamil Nadu is a wonderland of historic Hindu temples, and Tanjavur is the best. I did it on magic mushrooms purchased in dry lots in Nepal, but you will need to find your own path. Still, stoned on shrooms in an old ancient Hindu temple in Tamil Nadu is something you will never need to explain. It’s yours.

    And my stories about the pigs in Goa living off the mushroom feces of internatinal travelers. Stoned pigs in Goa?


  4. ChrisNo Gravatar INDIA Says:

    Wohahoo FriskoDude/Carl – those sound like serious adventures! Stoned pigs? The closest thing to that I’ve ever seen was a cocker spaniel drunk on beer running zig-zag through the garden of my buddy back in high school. Oha!

    I definitely want to travel to other parts of India as well, heard good things about Kerala, so maybe that will be another option in 3-4 months time. Tamil Nadu, I don’t even know yet where that is, so have to research that a bit more first…anyway, thanks for the tips and cheers back! ;-)

  5. dodong floresNo Gravatar PHILIPPINES Says:

    Hello, Chris!
    It seems like you’re in a very interesting place to retire. Just too bad for the beer and the girls ;;)
    Good luck for your exploration in some other parts of India. Will definitely check back for some updates.
    …also, if you could post for me those boat houses in Kerala ;-)

  6. James The Professional AdventurerNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    Man… Goa has been on my travel list for like 10 years, I get lazy living in Jakarta and don’t explore as much as I used to.

    How is your stomach? Any problems?

    We will miss ya here in Indonesia

  7. VieNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    I’m glad you two have a lot of fun but we miss you very very much!! :(( we miss our beach and karaoke buddies! Anyways, take good care and please pass the biggest warm hug and smooches to my lovely girl! hehe :D

  8. FriskoDudeNo Gravatar UNITED STATES Says:

    I wish to state here that “Goa” is a place, but also a state of mind. Chris surely knows that by now.

  9. Nomadic MattNo Gravatar THAILAND Says:

    sounds fun but frustrating. any delhi belly yet?

  10. ChrisNo Gravatar INDIA Says:

    dodong – boat houses in Kerala? Never heard of them, so have to check them out myself first. :-/

    James and Nomadic Matt – the food is really great here! A feast every day. No stomach problems yet, but we didn’t have issues with Bali Belly either. Or maybe the food hygiene had some improvements. Don’t know!

    FriskoDude – I’m still trying to ‘get’ this place, but it definitely has something going for it. Only time will tell….

    Vie – yep, we miss you guys too! Tried to SMS, but probably didn’t get through? Will try to call or e-mail a bit more soon soon. Anyway, our place has an extra room with big double bed, so you are welcome any time to visit. And of course, we will always return to Bali, no doubt about that. Lovely girl send hugs and kisses back, even to Darius. :D

  11. MikeNo Gravatar THAILAND Says:

    Yet to travel to India but looking forward to it in the future. Maybe next year. I just read The Elephanta Suite which is three stories about people who travel to India. Worth reading if you get the chance.

  12. MikeNo Gravatar UNITED STATES Says:

    Hello again, You,ve asked for the worst experience in Goa on your first visit. Well, it wasent my first visit, more like my fourth or fifth—-I should have known better. I was on my honda, half way between Anjuna and Vagator on the hillside, sitting on the bike looking at the view. A lump in my back pocket, I had just been to a cash machine to get cash to pay for my flight home. A shout—-along side me was another motor bike, two cops. What are you doing? Me. Nothing, just looking. Cops–are you smoking? No Cops:Are you carrying? Me No Well see about that, off your bike and empty your pockets. I handed everything over, one cop was looking through the small pile of tissues, sweets, etc The other cop distracted me for a second so that I turned my head—then Heres your stuff, get on your bike and get away, much bangng of their sticks on the ground. So off I went, you will guess whats next, a quick check and——-rupies worth around £80 missing. My fault, I only had myself to blaim, several said why dont I report it to the police. In Anjuna police station. No doubt the policeman in there would have been the one I had seen before!!!! Mike P.S. All the locals told me that they had picked on me because of my age, 75 at the time. But that wasent really true, because I wasent frightened of them, just caught off guard

  13. MikeNo Gravatar UNITED STATES Says:

    Hello again, Oh dear, Ive just realised that you already have a “Mike” writing to you. So, to avoid embarrasing my namesake, this is from Mike Number Two!!! In work I’m known as Mike O (stands for Owen) so I;ll use that name from now on, From Mike O

  14. ChrisNo Gravatar INDIA Says:

    Mike – no worries, you don’t have to change your favorite handle. You are distinguished as well by the country flag and by your website (which shows up, when hovering over your name). Another option is the MyBlogLog or MyAvatars Icon, so you can have a pretty individual impression. Okay, some names are probably more common than others. ;-)

    There is also Mike from China, but he has a different Avatar Icon.

    Anyway great Story about the Cops in Goa!!! And really something to watch out for. Isn’t it a shame, when you can’t even rely on the police, but they are after robbing you? Oh my! :-?

  15. RyanNo Gravatar UNITED STATES Says:

    LSD + Beaches = Goa.

    I am jealous of the Indian food you are having.

  16. FidaNo Gravatar CANADA Says:

    Love your report about Goa. Was there 18 years ago. I am one of those old hippies :-) You made my mouth watering… have to go now and make Masala Dosa.

  17. JurgenNo Gravatar ITALY Says:

    Hi Cris,

    it’s the first time that I’m writing here though I’m reading your blog since some months now as I’m planning to retire to Bali too in the near future :-)

    I’ve been to India for 3 months this year as well another month to Bali so maybe I can add something to your impressions here that can help you out:

    Regarding to your introduction: I’ve met many travelers who bought themselves a motorbike, usually a Royal Enfield, so I guess they gave you a wrong information.

    to 3.: take care of having send in your complete passport information with your SIM application otherwise your line will be automatically disconnected after 4 weeks. This is due to a relatively new Indian anti-terrorist law. It’s quite important because you cannot send in your info if you are out of the state that issued your SIM even if the company is the same. The fact of those weird recharge vouchers that give you more credit but not more validity you probably already found out by yourself ;-)
    I always used Airtel with a 15Rps/day internet flat rate.

    to 5.: In my personal opinion the beaches in the north of Goa are quite ugly. If you would like to see some more beautiful ones go to Palolem in the south of Goa. Another good option should be Gokarna just south over the border to Karnataka. I haven’t been to the second by myself but people told me that it should be much cheaper and prettier than Goa.

    to 6.: talking about Ex-Hippies you probably already have been to Ingo’s Nightmarket on Saturday, if not, take a look absolutely

    to 9.: this is really a shame, especially for us Germans ;-) Did you try the suggestion from Lonely Planet to turn the bottle over in a glass of water in order to get the Glycerin out?
    I missed my Bintang too a lot!!!

    to 10.: take care with the Fenny, not everywhere it’s the same quality and I got a severe Hang-over a few times ;-)

    Regarding to Zishaan I can definitely suggest to go to the Andamans, Havelock Island is one of the last Paradises in this world left.

    If you need more information about India, feel free to contact me by email.

    Ciao from Italy,

  18. ChrisNo Gravatar INDIA Says:

    Jurgen, thanks for the valuable tips! Let me see, that I can put some of them to good practise! And you are right, they need a copy of your passport now for the SIMcard.

    The beaches in the South I will definitely visit while I’m here. Although I must admit, that I’m not the typical backpacker anymore, so I need some infrastructure and amenities to make life a bit more comfortable. That’s probably the main reason why I decided to move to the North for a base. Nightmarket is on the list as well.

    The tip to get the glycerine out of the beer sounds also interesting, have to read up on that a bit more. So far I bought imported beer cans in the supermarket, which are only slightly more expensive, but don’t seem to contain glycerine.

  19. dodong floresNo Gravatar PHILIPPINES Says:

    Hello, Chris! I mean, those are boat houses for tourist accommodation. I don’t know if there are boat houses that locals own. I learned about this during those times I was working in a travel agency…

  20. JurgenNo Gravatar ITALY Says:

    Chris, I’m not that typical backpacker anymore too, I’m 47 by now :-( . You will find the same infrastructure and amenities in the south as well as in the north with the main difference lying in the style of the beach. Palolem is a more secluded one where you can go snorkeling right off the beach while this is not possible in the north because of the waves, but of course, everybody has different tastes.
    I guess you probably stay in Candolim or Calangute so here’s what you can expect over the next months: Candolim will be crowded by 2 weeks package tourists from the UK while Calangute will cater to a crowd of 60+ year old people who spend the winter there. Baga will attract thousands of Mumbai tourists on the weekends while Morjim is the main spot for Russian prostitutes catering to rich Indians. Anjuna and Vagator are very calm because of their great extension but you won’t find your amenities here and the thing they were famous for, the Goa Parties on the beach, are all gone. You decide for yourself if this is a blessing or a pity ;-)
    Ah, and I forgot, traffic like in Bali will never be very heavy in Goa, not even in high season.
    If you want to know something more about the boat houses, dodong flores wrote about, just check on google “Kerala backwaters” and you will find lots of information.
    How much did you pay for your bike rent in Bali and how much now in Goa? You’re writing about a 50% increase, I just checked my notes and they came up with 25.000Rps/day in Bali and 200Rps/day in Goa.

    One more suggestion: give yourself the pleasure of getting a professional shave in one of the many Barbour shops. It will set you back by only 30Rps and you probably would not like to miss it anymore.

  21. ChrisNo Gravatar INDIA Says:

    Dodong – ahso! I’m getting the picture, something more to check out! Wanna join me? :D

    Jurgen – wooow, what a bleak picture! Sounds really like Kuta in full swing. I really have to move to the South then? So far I liked Morjim Beach for its far-off emptiness, but that will probably change then. Anjuna and Vagator are a bit too rocky for my taste, but maybe I didn’t find the right spot yet. The beach just south of Candolim between the tanker and Fort Aguada isn’t too shabby either and a lot less people. But yeah, with the high season coming along, that will probably change rapidly. Will give Palolem a try. So far I was only south until Miramar beach close to Panaji (which I found both quite charming), the other more southern areas I will only explore step by step.

    In Bali I bought my Scooter and sold it after I left, which was an ideal combination. I lost maybe Rp 500.000 in 2 years, something what others pay in a month. But your prices are correct! I can get a bike in Bali for Rp 25.000/day, while in Goa they charge you Rs200 (which is 50% more), the rate only goes down, if you rent long-term. I get now one for Rs150/day when renting 1 week and will probably rent one for Rs100/day, when renting per month. So all in all, not so satisfying. But then, I won’t probably stay 2 years here, so it’s maybe a good idea NOT to buy a bike with all its difficulties. Everyone I asked here, recommended against it. You won’t get the registration done or only in the name of a local, and many foreigners were cheated already and had in the end neither the bike, nor their money. So I will be careful and give it some thought before acting on that.

    I saw the barber shops you mentioned, although I get shaky knees and a weird feeling when seeing those. Guess I just don’t like someones knife near my throat. :D

    Oh yeah, got stopped by the Cops today again, they have the same Scam with the International Driving Licenses ongoing like in Bali. But it’s the same to get rid of them as well, just refuse to pay any bribes or ask their names and even write them down. They let you off with a warning then. ;-)

  22. AnoukNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    Hi Chris,

    Goa sounds great, the food sounds greater !

    i have a question for you about housing in bali and your expertise on the island made it very tempting to consult you on this matter.
    so here it is: im going to bali in 2 weeks for 1 year and im still young so i dont have a big budget for housing,
    I was wondering how much a tiny appartment with a good bathroom and small kitchen would cost me ?
    I have already seen your bali cost chart, ive been there many times before and my dad lives in jakata so i know it is very accurate but im still not entirely sure about the housing costs
    on you chart it says that electricity for a house studio is 150,000 rp and the rent itself is 200,000 rp s that would make it 350,000 rp for an appartment am i right ? But that would be to much for my budget.
    and what kind of room are we talking about ? a big one or a small one ? with or without bathroom ? and where can i find those ?
    I hope you can help me !

  23. ChrisNo Gravatar INDIA Says:

    Hi Anouk, I’m afraid you got the wrong numbers from the chart. There is no way, that you can rent a normal apartment for Rp200.000. It’s more like 2 Mio for a small house or studio apartment. I’ve seen some KosKosan (1-room housing) going for as low as Rp 400.000, including electricity, but those are really pretty basic, just a 2×2 or 3×3 meter room, squat toilet, very small, no security or pretty rundown. You can find them almost everywhere away from the touristy areas in Bali, or in 2nd row. For instance Jalan Legian in Kuta, there is a parallel road in 2nd row to the north from it, where are plenty of KosKosan, mostly rented by locals or the workers of the pubs, restaurants or shops of Jl. Legian. But I’m not sure, if that’s what you are looking for. As with every accommodation, it pays to be there on spot, drive around a bit, ask others and you will find them. ;-)

  24. AnoukNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    Hi Chris

    Oops ! I left out a zero
    i meant 2.000.000 and 1.500.000 for rent and electricity for the app/studio
    but you put that price down for 800 sq feet, quite big for my stundenty gapyear standards
    so if i were to find a app/studio around 400 sq feet would that cost me less than 3.500.000 ?

    a rundown room isnt what im looking for no because i do want to feel at home.

    thanx somuch !

  25. johnNo Gravatar INDIA Says:

    Overall a brilliant place to be, that is what I feel.

  26. ChrisNo Gravatar INDIA Says:

    Anouk, that would be possible, depending on location and your negotiation skills.

    john, agreed! And I have the feeling it grows on you as well. ;-)

  27. Amanda B.No Gravatar UNITED STATES Says:

    I can’t wait to see some pictures of your new home !

  28. AnoukNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    Ok !

    Thanx so much fot the help and have a great time in Goa
    Ill be reading about it haha


  29. VieNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    Hey! we got your text message but somehow we couldn’t reply, which is so strange! We have moved to a new house now! It’s a bit far from everything but it’s much nicer and bigger. We’re now in Gatsu!! Can you believe that? But the house is nicer with bigger garden (no pool but this complex has a nice sports club). Oh and we have one large guest room, so anytime you’re back, you know where to go ;-)

    Darius sends a big kiss to you both! :D

  30. VarunNo Gravatar INDIA Says:

    Hey Chris,

    You are one of the many other lucky persons who have come to GOA, its a beautiful place with lot of beaches, white sand and blue waters….but no babes as you find in Miami or on the Carribean coast.People here are very co operative and you can be rest assured of your belongings getting stolen except some Taxi crooks or any drunkard or a doper who are the exceptions..Having a long ride on the bike is truly a amazing experience.The roads connecting to the beaches are well maintained…but not as compared to the European countries.One more tourist attraction is the Saturday Night Market in Arpora..I think you can try it this weekend and smoke off some fun der….take care..

  31. Caroline HarrisNo Gravatar INDIA Says:

    No Saturday night or Wednesday markets – have been cancelled whilst they update security at these sites.

  32. ChrisNo Gravatar INDIA Says:

    Yup, I passed the one on the way to Anjuna today, was closed! Was thinking of racing some Go-Kart on the track just next to it instead, but then it was getting dark already. Rs 150 for 10 laps, that’s between USD 3-4, not too bad. ;-)

  33. MiguelNo Gravatar UNITED STATES Says:

    Most thorough Cost Of Living rundown I have ever seen…absolutely a treasure chest!!
    Thanks for the details..


  34. VarunNo Gravatar INDIA Says:

    hey chris,

    still the saturday market is closed , i was there in Anjuna this weekend but disappointed came back to the beach , so i made my way to a exciting place knwn as Curlies in was really amazing and i think some new tourist coming up should enjoyy some chilled beer in the chris hope to see u sometine….till than take care and will be updating you all guys about latest happenings in GOA..whatever i come around.. ;-)

  35. kunal gaurNo Gravatar INDIA Says:

    hey Goa is really really fantabulous place not only to roam but also equally good 4 living. I spend five days here and i must say that was the unforgettable time which can’t be fed up from my memories.

  36. janeNo Gravatar INDIA Says:

    Interesting read! After two years of living in goa, I think I can completely identify with all your impressions. Goa is still stunning as long as you know where to go but it is sad to see the indian men misbehave so badly-I have been chased by open top jeeps, commented upon, eve teased on the road-over a period of time all of us learn to cover up. I live in mandrem, love the locals esp since communication is not an issue (I am half indian) and I am thankful that the indian male hasnt reached there yet-its that one beach I can wear a bikini without being stared at. in central goa (calangute, candolim, anjuna) I am all covered up-not worth the undesired attention.

  37. EarlyRetiredNo Gravatar INDIA Says:

    India is not worth the risk. Keep India as the last place to visit. Especially Goa and locals in Goa are sex hungry vulgar predators. I am Indian myself and I hate this place as much. Don’t come to India unless you have to.

  38. rhonithNo Gravatar UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Says:


  39. BenNo Gravatar UNITED STATES Says:

    Hey Chris… ive been reading your blog for like the entire day….lol
    Really good stuff and very informative. I see your status says that you are in Bali right now, but I was wondering where you think you might be in say Nov10-Feb11 timeframe. I am thinking about getting out to the philippines and perhaps starting my nomad life as well. If you happen to be up that way, we should hang out some. That way you can show me the ropes… Happy Travels, Ben

  40. ChrisNo Gravatar SINGAPORE Says:

    Ben, am currently in Singapore for some errants, but will probably in and around Bali in November until early next year. Philippines is always hot on my list, but probably only again in late Q1/2011, when the rainy season starts in Bali. Or maybe this time I travel somewhere completely else, for instance I haven’t seen much of Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos or Cambodia yet. Still too early to tell now, but if you happen to drop by in Bali, let me know and we will have a few cold ones! :D

  41. VarunNo Gravatar INDIA Says:

    Hi Chirs,

    I am writing to u aftr a very long time..may be 2 years i guess…so hows life. i undrtsnd from ur status dat ur in Bali..i have left GOA and now currently in Mumbai enjoyying the monsoon…do mail me if u plan to come to Mumbai or GOA …wud like to catch u for some beer ..till than take care and be in touch

  42. BenNo Gravatar UNITED STATES Says:

    Well, the timeframe that I am looking at for the Philippines is not set in stone as of now, but I don’t think ill be heading to Bali for quite a while. There is quite a bit I wanna do in the Philippines first. I could be there all the way up until June/11. From the looks of things, im going to Bantayan Island first and ill just wing it from there. But from what ive heard, i might never leave… If we cross paths though, ill definitely take you up on those beers, first round on me.

  43. ChrisNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    Varun, life is good here! Thanks for coming back here. Hope you enjoy your time in Mumbai! :D

    Ben, no worries! Please enjoy your time in the Philippines. Am sure, you’ll love it! And there is always another time. ;-)

  44. chanduNo Gravatar INDIA Says:

    very informative article to plan for a trip in goa, thanks for sharing

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