Aug 23

nomad4ever is under construction I’m currently trying to implement the long-requested threaded comments and an easier identification option via Facebook Connect. The old Avatars and MyBlogLog Profile Pics will go, as they are outdated and too geeky.

Please bear with me, if site or comment formatting is currently distorted, as am doing open heart surgery at the site. Hoping to get it done within the next few days, but most likely you will see an interim status before the final solution.

Thanks for your patience and keep commenting meanwhile. No comments should get lost! ;-)

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written by Chris

2 Responses to “Comment Login and Threading Under Construction!”

  1. ChrisNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    Arglglgl! Having internet connectivity problems here the last 2 days. Hard to do anything. Interim solution is there, but it doesn’t look pretty. Hopefully I can improve that shortly. :-?

  2. ChrisNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    Looks like I have to give up on this small project for now. The comment threading (WordPress internal as well as the 2 Plugins I tried) and also the Facebook Login don’t work well with the current Theme Design. I can’t for the heck of it figure out how to format it the way I want it. It always either breaks the theme completely or simply looks amateurish. Out of ideas. :(

    I will revert back to the previous state and take that up again once I have a better strategy on how to fix it. Upgrading or changing the Theme is currently out of the question. With all its present modifications and customization it would take me more than a few days, which I don’t want to afford at the moment.

    So, no Comment Threading and FB Login right now. I know! L-) ;-)

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