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I didn’t know until now that Bali is blessed with some internationally competitive beaches. Due to its natures of its volcano origin, most popular beaches in Bali are of black or gray sand with sandy waters with either no waves at all or strong currents, making it a strange experience when swimming there. dreamland

The only almost-white beaches I knew so far were Nusa Dua and Sanur, both either very shallow or with almost no waves and lots of dirt and old plastic bags in the water. Kuta/Legian is nice to swim at, but the sand is gray and you really have to watch out for rip-currents or waves that can drag you out to sea. Every few weeks tourists or locals alike drown here, most recently 3 Balinese school boys around 12-14 years of age.

The more I was surprised when I saw that picture (see right) of crystal blue water caressing a white shore-line in The Bali Times. The article was about increased Government efforts to boost Bali as a Top Tourist Destination again, but didn’t reveal in detail the location of the picture.

As I was sitting on Jl. Legian in the R.AJA’s restaurant, when reading the paper, I had to ask the staff, where this location could be on Bali. After a few minutes discussion with more than 3 staff, somebody knew the place: it’s called Dreamland and should be somewhere on the way to Uluwatu, to the far south of the island.

So next day; yesterday – the sun was shining bright – we had to find that place!

Driving our Kymco scooter all the way to Uluwatu (the most southern tip of Bali with a temple directly on the cliff), we surely missed the intersection to Dreamland. Not that Uluwatu isn’t a great deal to spend your day – the monkeys alone are more than fun enough – but we had other plans of course.

mysticalSo on the way back we asked for directions and – what else – you actually can’t miss it. The Dreamland development has a big gate serving as security checkpoint, which is guarded by some huge mystical statues (see picture left) and some security staff. It’s about 10km north of Uluwatu and 5 km south of Jimbaran or 10 km south of Bali’s airport.

After the main entrance you drive a few kilometers through an area, which one day will be a 17-hole golf course, together with Villas and upmarket housing developments, but so far it looks like you just landed on the moon – everything is dry, gray and brown. You have to shell out Rp 2.000 if you come by bike and a bit more, if by car – for parking.

Then you reach the shore. And really – it looks like paradise: white soft sand, crystal clear water, cool waves. A relaxed atmosphere and not so overcrowded like Kuta or other beaches – truly a dream of a spot! Great waves for both enjoying yourself swimming in the water and surfing. Powerful waves push you back to shore and smash you around most of the time, though some parts of the beach feature a few stones on the ground which can be quite painful when bouncing into them, so check them out first. ;-)

The area is populated by only a few tourists and a handful of surfers, at least yesterday. Only a few beach hawkers are trying to sell you something, no comparison to other beaches, where you are bugged every 2 minutes or so. You can also watch planes flying in and out of Bali airport, which is further up to the north. No worries – no noise is disturbing you, in case you wanna have a nap in the warm, soft sand.

There are small beach huts and hotels, where you can even stay over night. You can rent an umbrella and armchairs against the most painful effects of the sun, although we prefer our beach mat to sit or lay directly in the sand. Wooden restaurants are sprinkled all over the place, leaning on the shore of the coast. Prices range from Rp 10.000 for a plain Nasi Goreng to western dishes, which are more expensive. A small beer (Bintang) sets you back about Rp 10.000 as well.

It’s as well a great location to enjoy the sunset. All in all we had an exciting afternoon at a truly magnificent place and will definitely come back here again. It’s only 20 min by bike from Legian or North Kuta, so nothing you can master in a short time. And – it’s absolutely worth it!


If you can’t make it to a tropical beach relax on one of many Burlington golf courses.

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written by Chris

19 Responses to “Dreamland: what a dream of a beach!”


    Hi my name Arieta, from Tahiti, i know bali for surf…i would like to know where i can find information about dream land, land for sell…Thank you to reply.

  2. StephNo Gravatar CANADA Says:

    Hey – just wondering where the pic at the very top of the webpage was taken. Looks suspiciously like my “backyard” in Cornwall… sadly we have moved to Vancouver. It’s ok here… but nothing like the village of Lelant just outside St. Ives…I swear that picture must be it…I’ve run those dunes enough times…let me know if you get a chance! Good luck!!

  3. ChrisNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    I must admit that I’m not sure, where that picture was taken. It’s not mine.

    You could be well right!

    Somehow it also looks similar to the beaches here in Bali as well, when you stand at Pantai Dhyana Pura and look to the right, the scene looks pretty familiar – black/grey sand, waves pounding it and some hills (although a bit higher) in the background.


  4. niaNo Gravatar NETHERLANDS Says:

    hoi Chris…
    mijn name is nia. I’m indonesian but I live in holland.
    I’m looking voor a cheap hotel/homestay/villa (3 bedrooms) voor 6 people’s with airco in uluwatu(prefer close to padang-padang beach – Dreamland)
    I would like to stay in bali voor one month. Mail me if you know an good en cheap hotel/homestay/villa…

    Thank you
    nia (

  5. Wahlau.NETNo Gravatar MALAYSIA Says:

    nice picture there…

    I have heard that there are more untouch island in Indonesia for pleasure of the nature….

    but you will get more activity in bali without a doubt

  6. RicawzNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    Well, guess nothing more to be explained but the beauty of this paradise.
    God blesses Dreamland…
    God blesses Bali…
    God blesses Bandung Parijs Van Java…,
    and God blesses Tanah Airku Indonesia

  7. CeciNo Gravatar MALAYSIA Says:

    Hi, is it easy to get a budget in Dreamland? I’m going to Bali in May & would love to stay there for a couple of days but seems like cannot find any budget stay thro internet. Only the Dreamland Villa is what i get & that cost a boom!
    PLs help.

  8. ChrisNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    There were some budget lodges directly at the beach, but I’m not so sure if they are still. A few months back they started to bring Caterpillars and other heavy equipment to make room for a new luxury resort at Dreamland. There were talks that everything else Warungs, Surf Shops and the Budget Lodges have to go. I wasn’t there for 3 months, so I can’t comment on the current situation.

    If everything is gone but the beach is still accessible, you could well stay in Padang Padang (a bit further south on the Bali Bukit) and go back via bike or other transport. Jimbaran further North is a good option as well.

    Unfortunately in Indonesia money is the only rule. Some Banjar or other local official got a new 4×4 Jeep and put his signature on the necessary documents.

    So both Dreamland and the secluded Padang Bai Beach will face eventually the same fate: they will turn into private resorts beaches; as a public visitor you either must pay an entrance fee or find yourself another beach spot.

    Sounds sad, but that’s the way it’s going to be. :-o

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  12. alvaromanoNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    been there yo….great beach, clear blue water, white sand,,,,,and still nature…not too crowded

  13. Amanda is a traveling PhotographerNo Gravatar UNITED STATES Says:

    Awesome! I am always on the hunt for the prettiest beach when I travel and this one looks perfect. ~Amanda

  14. SteveNo Gravatar NETHERLANDS Says:

    The new Dreamland….

    They pulled down all the old warungs at the beach and build this ugly looking building for mass-tourism…

    Dreamland or Nightmareland….its up to you…;)

  15. SteveNo Gravatar NETHERLANDS Says:

    Here’s the picture…

  16. ChrisNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    Steve, thanks for pointing that out! The picture is actually from my site and I even wrote an article about it here. But you are right, the hotel is f-ugly and it looks like the end of the world now. The prices in Dreamland are also out of this world. But that’s another story. ;-)

  17. Justine OngNo Gravatar PHILIPPINES Says:

    There are so many beach resorts that are very nice and beautiful. One thing is for sure, water will not change.

  18. LauraNo Gravatar CANADA Says:

    If you think that the beaches on Bali are your dreamland, think again! Or better yet, try to go to the Philippines and go to Boracay or Palawan. The beaches they have will really amaze you.

  19. ChrisNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    Laura, for sure, lot’s of beaches in the Philippines are stunning. For more details, there is even an extra article here. But that doesn’t mean, that beaches in Bali can’t compete at all. A few can. ;-)

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