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The Cubicle - smaller than a modern prison cell?I had a good laugh, when finding this little comparison at Yahoo Answers. For sure – no one on their death bed wishes they had spent more time at the office. Compared to prison – at least after work *you* chose who to have sex with.

Therefore, wouldn’t it be better to skip work but stay out of prison as well? ;-)

In prison you spend the majority of your time in an 8×10 cell. At work you spend most of your time in a 6×8 cubicle.

In prison you get 3 meals a day. At work you get a break for 1 meal and you have to pay for it.

In prison you get time off for good behavior. At work you get rewarded for good behavior with more work. In prison you can watch TV and play games. At work you get fired for watching TV and playing games.

In prison a guard locks, unlocks, opens and closes all doors for you. At work you must carry around a security card and unlock and open all doors yourself.

In prison you get your own toilet. At work you have to share.

In prison they allow you to visit your family and friends. At work you can’t even speak to family and friends.

In prison all expenses are paid by taxpayers, with no work required. At work, you get to pay all the expenses to go to work and then they deduct taxes from your salary to pay for the prisoners.

In prison you spend most of your life looking through bars from the inside wanting to get out. At work you spend most of your time wanting to get out and inside bars.

In prison you can join many programs that you can leave at any time. At work there are some programs you can never get out of.

In prison there are wardens who are often sadistic and psychotic. At work we call them managers!

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written by Chris

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  1. StefNo Gravatar FRANCE Says:

    Wonderful!!! Modern Slavery!!! >:)

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