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It’s funny to watch and compare the two genders dance around each other in Thailand and Bali. While in Thailand, mainly in Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket; most of the sex tourists are usually the old, saggy type of men in their late 50s up, it’s almost unheard of that women travel to Thailand for Sex.


The show is completely different in Bali: Here you usually see a younger crowd of men, but most of them bring ‘beer to Munich’ or ‘owls to Athens’, as they travel with girlfriend or wife. Rarely you see typical male sex tourists (in the classical sense) flock to Indonesia.

Then there is the other species of single or lonely older women (40+ onwards), sometimes heavily nipped-tucked, which seem to make the main bunch of the female tourist crowds here (apart from the drunken Aussies Gals in the bars, of course).

So of the middle-aged singlets is usually taken care of by the so-called Bali Boys or ‘Kuta Cowboys’. Over there at Mad Dog Weekly, blogger Mad Dog can explain that a bit better:

“Now when I say Balinese men flirt in the bars you need to understand this is a euphemism. The world hasn’t seen such heavy-handed, obvious advances since the Third Reich marched to Leningrad.

To sit in a place like the Putra Bar and watch the Bali Boys in action is a joy to behold. And highly entertaining. Kuta, the beach area to the south, is even more notorious for this. In fact, they have a nickname for them down there: Kuta Cowboys.

Their body language is obvious. After all, no one has ever had to ask a vulture why it’s circling its prey. And even though their English is usually pretty good-since they’ve obviously heard the phrase “Know thy enemy”-sometimes it can be difficult to be certain you know exactly what they mean.

For example, when they say “You have beautiful hair”, it’s not that simple. What they really mean is, “Let’s have sex.” In case you’re a female who’s planning on visiting Bali-or a male, since the Cowboys couldn’t care less if a boyfriend or husband is standing next to their target-here’s a Kuta Cowboy-English Dictionary to help you out: kuta cowboy.jpg

What they say

What they mean

Where do you come from?

Let’s have sex.

Where are you going?

Let’s have sex.

Are you married?

Let’s have sex.

How old are you?

Let’s have sex.

You have charisma.

Let’s have sex.

Is that your boyfriend/husband/ father/parish priest?

Let’s have sex.

You make my hati (liver) quiver.

Let’s have sex.

Can I buy you a drink?

Let’s have sex.

I forgot my wallet, can you buy me a drink?

Let’s have sex.

Why don’t you ride on the back of my motorbike?

Let’s have sex.

I’ve never done anything like this before.

Let’s have sex.

You like Balinese paintings?

You sure you don’t want to have sex?”

So, as you can see, it’s taken care of everyone here in Bali! Isn’t life wonderful? ;-)

This usually turns out to be a bit more complicated, when mony matters are involved. And here we come back to the similarities between Thailand and Bali. In Thailand, especially in the more rural regions, there are plenty of houses built and whole villages renovated by “Farang’ money, which a caucasian fool in love sent to his one-and-only bar girl.

In Bali it’s the other way around: have you ever been to Ubud? Why is this ‘artistic and culinary capital’ so famous with single female travelers, besides the undoubted fast tracks of Kuta’s beaches?

Not only the gods know, what artists reside there. Its just the hunting grounds and the most potential to score a handsome Bali Boy, if you happen to be a single, horny lady, who is a bit past her expiry date to let her bodily assets speak for themselves.

More information needed? Read this recent article in The Bali Times or this somehow different Bali Guide and enjoy! :)

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written by Chris

27 Responses to “The flavours of Sex Tourism in Thailand and Bali”

  1. JswaNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    That Mad Dog Weekly website is funny as hell!

  2. 5 reasons why I blog | nomad4ever UNITED STATES Says:

    […] My niche is maybe too small; should I write a blog about Raunchy Sex, celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Brad Pitt or lifestyle items like Apple iPods??? But then – in Sex I prefer the real thing not theory. Why watch celebrities when you can live your own life? Person cult died with Mao – no? And lifestyle icons – that’s what I’m trying to get away from. Consumerism, Materialism – who needs that anyway? Happiness in Life is something else not money. There you go! […]

  3. MarcNo Gravatar GERMANY Says:

    A typical conversation on Bali (at my first trip to indonesia):

    “Hey Mister !”
    “Transport… ?

    Watch… ?

    Girls… ?”

    Some guys even asked, when I was walking around kuta together with my wife!

    But I also saw many of those old ladies around kuta with young boys. In the past, they called this type of boys: “Kuta cowboys”. Even a balinese friend of mine tried to make some money this way, but I think he wasn´t that successful.

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    […] Meanwhile you could check out this post about the Different Flavours of Sex Tourism in Thailand and Bali. […]

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    […] In Thailand’s current political arena, things don’t look so bright after all anymore – just 6 months after the ‘bloodless coup‘ over there. Of course Tourism seems to look stable and the Sex Industry isn’t effected at all – as usual. […]

  6. sweeneyNo Gravatar PHILIPPINES Says:

    protittution is the oldest profession in the world but people now a days are now more educated and more informed about todays situation but the beggist question is that why we peopl living in the cyber age and new millinium generation are allowing ourselves to be back in the premitive era? why are we not be satisfied of what we have? let us see and find the best of what we have and more open communication is required, this people making money of of their flesh and bodily fluids dont know what would be the consequences are waiting for them, if their attention is to make the tourist a milking cow karma wont allow its wieghting scale be unbalance and those kuta boys or what ever name they want will have a lot of karma facing in the future if they cant have it soon their sibblings will be the one reaping what they did today. they should have a conscience and think of what will happen to them and thier futer as well as their future sibblings. karma is always theere waiting and looking for those who deserve it.

  7. AndreNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    I love the opening paragraph of this article! That’s what I see everytime I’m in Bangkok or Pattaya.

  8. ChrisNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    Oh my, don’t remind me of Pattaya! Never again in my life will I set a foot into this cesspool. :-o

  9. SBNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    Kuta is disgusting, legian is disgusting as well. I live in bali, but I wont go to kuta or legian if I really need to go, or hungry in the middle of the night and looking for food.

    all around the street, the cheap whore dancing in the street. the ugly man offering them self, kawaii kawaii, thinking im a horny japanese.

    incredibly, I went to this japanese restaurant in ryoshi seminyak, the old waitress he flirt at me, and trying him self to get close to me, disgusting.

    Outside the mini mart, outside the restaurant all this pimp is all around, calling me, kawaii how are you? where do you want to go?
    sometimes I really want to slap them.

    well, in ubud those man on the street only say this ” taxi? taxi?” thats it, some of them write it in a piece of paper ” DO YOU NEED TRANSPORT?” and thats a good point. one reasons why i choose ubud for the business,

  10. ChrisNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    SB, I can understand your frustrations about the touts and pushers in Bali, it’s one of the most annoying things here. As a Japanese (-looking?) person you are even more a target for them, then a white guy looking like a beach bum.

    But like you said, the best solution is to get out of Kuta and Legian and enjoy the other beautiful sights of this paradise island.

  11. UBUD taxi driverNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    SB said: all around the street, the cheap whore dancing in the street. the ugly man offering them self, kawaii kawaii, thinking im a horny japanese.

    hahaha..u’re not japanese gal huh? well dont get they ugly men wrong! i tell u that real japanese gals in bali are all horny! they’re all wild cats and say yes even to ugliest men in kuta while in japan they pretend to be good calm girl. japanese gals are the most hypocrite gals in the world.

  12. SarahNo Gravatar CANADA Says:

    Ubud taxi driver said:
    hahaha..u’re not japanese gal huh? well dont get they ugly men wrong! i tell u that real japanese gals in bali are all horny! they’re all wild cats and say yes even to ugliest men in kuta while in japan they pretend to be good calm girl. japanese gals are the most hypocrite gals in the world.

    as a white woman who has been to bali many, many times. my observation is this:

    when in Bali, white western women are right up there, to japanese women in their horny ways – i’m talking about both the young and older gals. western girls, also say yes to ugly balinese men, cause the good looking guys get snapped up fast. the bali guys are lucky, as most western girls want a holiday romance and/or want to ‘try’ a local guy. for the older gals, this usually means one local guy for the duration of their stay; for the younger ones’, this means one night stands with the local guys.

    women behave differently, when on holidays (to say the least). :D

  13. RyanNo Gravatar PHILIPPINES Says:

    Almost sounds like Angeles City in the Philippines. You get a lot of that there especially if you are white. Malate as well, and sometimes if you get the wrong waiter – in Boracay. But it seems that it is way worse in Bali.. tsk tsk

  14. ChrisNo Gravatar PHILIPPINES Says:

    It’s not necessarily worse in Bali, maybe more unexpected. At least in Angeles City, Pattaya you know what to expect right away…in Bali, most people are surprised when they stumble into prostitution and other vices so obviously. It got somewhat more over the last couple of years though.

  15. DewiNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    Well, I’m Indonesian and I have Australian bf and I work as a secretary even my salary only 1/10 of my bf’s salary who works as a nurse. Well, Indonesian wages very low, so even I work for 10 years maybe the farest country I could visit just Malaysia and Singapore perhaps. Anyway I got the bad impact of having “bule” bf, in Thai call it”farang”. My face originally Indonesian with brown skin and I’m petite. In Indonesia when Indonesian woman walk with bule some Indonesian people still categorize them as bad girl or bar girl. So no matter educate I am when I walk with my bf I’m become a bad girl. Some of them just realize the different, if I’m not a bar girl when I talked in english with my bf or when I paid the bills with my debit card. I could noticed coz, their body language changed they become more polite, and called me mam. So I don’t think I will go to Bali for holiday with my bf coz, they will think I’m a young chick that been hired with this white fellow in Kuta. Or maybe another bule will ask my bf where did he find this young chick. lol.
    I treated better when I was in Australia people don’t bother when I walk with my bf or starring at us just like what happen in Indonesia.

  16. MarkNo Gravatar THAILAND Says:

    Of course Pattaya can be about sex, but so can most major cities throughout the world. The nightlife in places like Walking Street in Pattaya can be a great place for a night out, and some of the outside beer bars are just the place to sit relax and take in the people passing by, and believe me there are some sights to be seen here in Pattaya. As well as Walking Street there are other areas of Pattaya where the nightlife is equally as good, why not check out this page here you will find loads of information about the nightlife in Pattaya. You will also see some great photos of Pattaya. As anyone who has been here will tell you, the nightlife in Pattaya is something else, and can be great FUN!

  17. AndyNo Gravatar UNITED STATES Says:

    Well, I’m not surprise at all in Thailand wherein sex trade is as common as flu on rainy days. In Bali as well, no surprises there. Where there are Caucasian tourists rest assured sex trade will be in every nook and corner.

  18. DianaNo Gravatar CANADA Says:

    So are you saying that Thailand is the place to be when you want to have sex? I think that would be degrading for those two are natives of Thailand.

  19. ChrisNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    Diana, did I say that? You can have sex almost anywhere, it just depends on your looks, attitude, social skills or even the size of your….ahem….purse. This is merely a tongue-in-cheek observation about the beach boy scene in Bali. So if you don’t have enough sex back home, you can always come here and let yourself fall for or make use of the abundant temptations available. No need to go to Thailand only. ;;)

  20. ExpatrockstarNo Gravatar UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    In Thailand Thai Bar Girls have a similar way of speaking. For example
    When the Thai Bar Girl says the following phrases.

    Lets just say you buy her a few lady drinks and she says…

    kun jai dii maak (you have a good heart) The real translation is… you are stupid!

    Or lets say you refuse to buy her a lady drink. She’ll say…

    kii niaw (you are mean/stingy) The real translation is… you are clever!

    Conclusion. In the Bars of Thailand it’s always better, and healthier for your wallet to be the stupid one ;-)

  21. andreNo Gravatar UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    Hi, i have been to Thailand Puket an i loved.
    I now everthinh is abaut money but is not in Thailand is everhere in would.
    The people going there and have fun the gpirld samtimes didnt have another option.
    Remenber the salary is 5000 bath per moths this can be one night out for a girl is to must diference.
    One things is very interesting is is acept cultural by family by people the girls work in the night, this is dificult for me undertand.
    i call the sex paradise verone is happy.

  22. Krishna KumarNo Gravatar INDIA Says:

    I want to bring a girl to my hotel in Bangkok, Majestic Suites Hotel, in front of Nana Plaza. Should I get one
    1 – From go-go bars of Nana Plaza, or
    2 – From Nana Hotel Parking, or
    3 – From road side, or
    4 – Ask the bell boy/ reception to arrange one?

    Can you tell me the cost effective option with least risk factor.
    – Krishna.

  23. ChrisNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    Least risk factor, Krishna Kumar? In what regard? You can get HIV and other diseases through all options. Middle men always drive prices up, as does the bell boy. And on the road side, in dark alleys and a bit removed from the neon lights, your chances are pretty high to pick up a ladyboy instead of a real girl. So, protect yourself and do what feels right for you.

    For me, it’s all dangerous bs with bar girls or massage parlor girls. Nothing I want to pursue out of health and rip-off reasons. But hey, everyone has a different taste for happiness, I’m sure you will have fun in BKK! ;-)

  24. Tom LeeNo Gravatar SWEDEN Says:

    In Thailand, if we talk about the bar girls, you could change all the “Let’s have sex” to “I want your money”, ofcourse exeptions are found.. don’t know where tho.

    On more thing i have noticed in the later years, is that more single women have started to come to thailand and get hooked up with younger boys, tho that just an observation made in pattaya. It not like they are flooding the place, not even close. :-o

  25. ChrisNo Gravatar PHILIPPINES Says:

    Tom Lee, hahaha….so true! Don’t they know? It’s not about the money…money…money. :D

  26. JohnsonNo Gravatar PHILIPPINES Says:

    I have not visited the place myself and your post shocked me about the true of the sex tourism in Thailand and Bali. Is this really happening in real life?. What ever the culture of the place I still respect it. What a dictionary you have!

  27. YuriNo Gravatar PHILIPPINES Says:

    Hahhaha hi cris I love this article! Very good writing. :-D Its good that me and my fiancé didn’t go there and decided to return to Pattaya instead bec it seems like the men there are more aggressive in flirting. So they are a male version hookers? male gigolos LOL, :-D :-D :-D :-D Anyway I also wrote an update of llatest TOP 5 agogo bars that my thai friend showed to us. Don’t miss it guys! Its satisfaction guaranteed.

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