Sep 20

Military Vessel in Patong BayJust some update from Phuket: everything is business as usual. No plane delays, no military in the streets, the dealers in Phuket selling their fake Rolex’s, ‘branded’ T-Shirts and Suits like every other day.

The only difference is a small military vessel anchoring in the ‘famous’ Patong Bay, but patrolling up and down every half hour.

TV Channels (BBC, CNA, CNN) are up and running again since this morning and are reporting in a normal manner.

In Bangkok, most people seem to support the coup, as some folks are on the streets with banners. Updated eyewitness news from Bangkok can be found here.

I ask myself, what kind of democracy is that? Who wants to lead this funny country now, knowing that any unpopular decision can get you ousted? What about the stability of economy, stock market and currency? Reputation of a country anyone?

It seems that it’s just the usual political ‘musical chair’ game in Bangkok. First Khun Thaksin dismissed the highest Army General (Mr Sonthi), then shortly after he got dismissed by the same General, while travelling outside the country (at the UN meeting in NYC). Okay, Khun Thaksin is no Mother Theresa, having sold his company to Singapore’s Temasek Holding without paying any taxes to his own country and supporting mainly himself and his family – typical 3rd-world-country-cronyism. Welcome to Asia! But he did alot for the poorer people as well (with whom he is still very popular); mainly the 30 Baht healthcare system, cheap loans for farmers to accelerate the economy and other benefits for the rural population.For a couple of months now, he was under pressure to resign, having declared his resignation a few times, but refused to step down finally. He was heading the country as a ‘caretaker’ president, with next elections scheduled for this october. Let’s see, if those are still on now.—My parents landed meanwhile in Bangkok and are now on their connecting flight to Phuket. All went smooth so far. Thai Airways – mai pen lai, krab!

As you can see on the picture above, it’s nice weather with spotless blue sky today. Therefore I will go back to the beach for a swim. That’s it for today from ‘Banana Republic Thailand’.

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written by Chris

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