Nov 26

National Stereotypes Cartoon - British, French, Italian, GermanInspired by an idea of Mon earlier on this post, I searched the net far and wide to find the most common stereotypes about Nationalities.

Generalizations about cultures or nationalities can be a source of pride, anger or simply bad jokes. Some people say that in all stereotype there is some basis in reality, as they don’t develop in vacuum.

To give a more serious definition: “National Stereotype is a system of culture-specific beliefs connected with the nationality of a person. This system includes beliefs concerning those properties of human beings that may vary across nations, such as appearance, language, food, habits, psychological traits, attitudes, values etc.”

True cold-blooded scientists warn, that “National character stereotypes are not even exaggerations of real differences: They are fictions.”

But why judge, before we know what we are talking about?

Please take everything below with a grain of salt; as I only summed up what others wrote on the internet. We all know that there are black and white sheep in every herd. I tried to strike a balance between positive and negative national or personality traits – but sometimes it was very difficult, due to lack of positive stereotypes. :-(

There are plenty of scientific studies about this subject on the net as well. I tried to spice up my findings a bit and take out the seriousness of some of those dry papers; if you are interested how it could look if done by psychologists; check out the picture further below to the right.

So without further ado – let’s steal each others sunshine (just a bit) and start here with some general, sometimes contradicting, often nasty, but also some positive stereotypes: Example for a National Character Study by

  1. American – arrogant; assertive; open-minded; materialistic; ambitious; progressive; efficient; straight-forward; alert; practical; US-centered world view; egoistic; anxious; fast food eaters; war mongers; God is with us!
  2. Arabs – intelligent; modest; insecure; anxious; impulsive; “billionaires, bombers and belly dancers“, men wear beards and are womanizers; have subservient and repressed women who wear burka or headscarf; “play & pray” attitude; love celebrations and ceremonies; tea and shisha are important; God is great!
  3. Argentinians – disagreeable; megalomaniac; warm and friendly people; can be vain & arrogant; beautiful women; cultured society; lazy; disrupting protesters
  4. Austrians – anxious; traditional; wearing ‘Lederhosen’; yodel the whole day to ‘Volksmusik’; polite; efficient service people, but bureaucratic; modest; not superior-minded; old-fashioned; somewhat cosmopolitan; honest; love the little treats in life like ‘Sachertorte’, beer and good wine
  5. Australians – party animals; nature lovers; surf all day – drink all night; have surfer chicks; heavy binge drinkers; neurotic; extroverted; sometimes shallow but honest; open-minded; free spirited; love to joke; “hail-fellow-well-met” or “chummy” attitude; men are useless dads; have barbie loving home cooking mums; uncultured; Crocodile Dundee outsider types; sports lovers; meat eaters; bush battling rednecks
  6. Bangladeshis – poor; unconventional; adaptive; open-minded; agreeable; hardworking; politically inactive; intelligent but poorly educated; productive; inoffensive; often corrupt; poor personal hygiene; taking side-steps to get things done; community and family-oriented; working long hours for minimum pay; masculine behavior of men, showing manliness is important; naturally very friendly and hospitable towards foreigners; younger generation well educated
  7. Belgians – make good beer; poor personal hygiene; good at mathematics; dishonest in money matters; make bad lovers; hermetically private food-lovers; penchant for building houses and garden sheds; fake ornament decorations; distrust of authority; tax evaders; often run shady side businesses; introverted; modest; impostors for other nationalities; but sometimes overly patriotic; everyone is a neighbor – but more stupid then oneself; eat only french & fries, except chocolate and other sweet stuff; multi-lingual; everyones owns diamonds; “pee where they go”
  8. Bulgarians – survive on tomato, cucumber and goat cheese only; colorful traditions; natural; open-minded; skiers or sun-worshipers; open, warm and kind people; traditional; let bears dance on fire; skilled craftsmen, farmers and artisans; nationalists; “catastrophic” social consciousness; tolerant; feeble religiousness; lack of fanaticism; condescending attitude; curiosity and openness to the “otherness”; anxious; fearful; efficient; accurate; precise; hardworking; disciplined; clever; highly qualified; drama kings and queens; overly suspicious
  9. Brazilians – body-centric; party animals; impulsive; incestuous; megalomaniac; most women are super-models, most men are gay or machos; always late; carnivals addicts; soccer and coffee lovers; criminals and robbers; lazy/manana attitude; bean and meat eaters; beach and sun-worshipers; bikini (called: dental floss here) inventors; active; inventive and constructive people; always trying to outwit government and regulations; impossibly favor-oriented; family- and community-oriented
  10. British (UK) – drinkers; lousy food; stiff upper-lips; ultra-traditional; steady-on, old chaps; bulldog spirit; bad teeth and hygiene; rude; thin; smoke cigar or pipe; scruffy hair; “fitted” clothing; heavy binge drinkers; swear all day long; artistic; “fashionable”; deep thinkers; intelligent and articulate; boastful; anti-American; ride bikes; God save the Queen!
  11. Canadians – submissive; neurotic; agreeable; modest; open-minded; progressive; efficient; straight-forward; polite; respectful; anxious; law-abiding; orderly; caring for handicapped/elderly/minorities; tolerant; multi-lingual; moderate; no hero/celebrity worshiping; don’t like successful people; anti-American; passive; boring; socialist mindset; eat blubber; wear funny hats; live in igloos further north
  12. Cayman Islanders – secretive; money-oriented; tax evasive; unsavory; hospitable; but introverted
  13. Colombians – impulsive; aggressive; violent; kidnappers & narco-traffickers; merengue dancers; passionate; educated; hard-working; caring and listening people; nature lovers
  14. Czech – agreeable; heavy beer drinkers; bohemian lifestyle; live and let live attitude; tolerant; “He’s a Czech, he never smiles at people he doesn’t know”; easy-to-get women; introverted; frightened and defensive attitude toward other cultures and the outside world
  15. Chinese – stingy and noisy spitters; fast-learners; open-minded; ambitious; progressive; efficient; materialistic; do kung fu and other material arts; great at mathematics; can’t hold their liquor; terrible drivers; arrogant; assertive; very “short” somewhere private but “bigger” than Japanese; wear glasses; pirate and copy everything; don’t value contracts; cheap labor; drink green tea; eat everything that lives – even tiger balls, bear gall bladder, rhino horns and sea cucumber; smoke opium; business-oriented; money rules the world; prepare for world domination
  16. Danish – open-minded; somber; introverted; prudish; cold-resistant; decadent hedonists; urban; jovial; untrustworthy; beer-drinking; happy-go-lucky; vaguely unhygienic; profoundly disorganized; sociable and relaxed; easy-going
  17. Dutch – polite; open-minded; well-traveled; no commitments; boring, but provoking; organized and efficient; harmless; “a nation of rosy-cheeked farmers who live in windmills, wear clogs, have a garden full of tulips and sit on piles of yellow cheese”; opinionated; can be stubborn and incurably mean; downright devious in business affairs; formidable merchants; “Where a Dutchman has passed, not even the grass grows anymore” a Japanese saying goes; an English pamphlet raged: “A Dutchman is a Lusty, Fat, Two-legged Cheese worm. A Creature that is so addicted to eating butter, drinking fat, and sliding (skating) that all the world knows him for a slippery fellow” – at this time the English language gained a whole array of new insults such as “Dutch courage” (booze-induced bravery), “Dutch comfort” (“Things could be worse”) and “Dutch gold” (alloy resembling gold). Others include: “Double Dutch” (gibberish), “Dutch cap” (contraceptive diaphragm), “Dutch wife”/”Dutch widow” (prostitute; sex doll), “Dutch uncle” (harsh admonisher)
  18. Finnish – vodka-lovers; modest; polite; somber; introverted; reserved; honest; curvy straight-talkers; trustworthy; quiet; serious; diligent and humble; tough negotiators and demanding businessmen; nit pickers; melancholic; very tall and blond; they love nature; frugal; calm; sturdy; sauna fans; have attractive women
  19. French – good lovers; best cuisine in the world; chaotic; irresponsible; introverted; selfish; cultured; social “players”; do not like to work – prefer to strike; always surrender in war; don’t speak English; rude to tourists; anti-American; ungrateful; live in a bureaucratic Socialist system, totally dependent on the state; don’t use soap; arrogant and conceited; distant and difficult to meet; don’t respect religious freedom; snobs; God who?
  20. Germans – mechanical; organized; boring; no sense of humor; conscientious; drink beer all day – beer-bellied; always shake hands; born with a monkey wrench in their hands, eating vast quantities of sausage and sauerkraut; men have dodgy facial hair, women are icy Teutonic beauties with blond hair and blue eyes; legendary bureaucracy; both sexes loathe inefficiency, love the Fatherland, have never been late for anything in their lives, and would secretly like to invade Europe, even if they have to do it via the EU; eat about five huge meals a day; follow blindly rules and regulations like “don’t walk on public lawn” and “before crossing the road, wait for the little green man to show even if there is no car in sight”; pedophiliac
  21. Greek – are big and overweight; lazy; eat souvlaki and olives and drink Ouzo or red wine all day; always break their plates after meals; can’t drive – especially when its dark; disorganized; heavy meat eaters; own all oil-tankers in the world; live the easy life; corrupt; impossible planners; cultured, inefficient; live in “unkempt” buildings with “raggedy curtains”, empty beer cans, kegs or rusted automobiles clutter their yards; have beautiful women, as long they are young – men are mainly homosexual or sexual predators
  22. Hungarians – good drivers; salami addicts; hot cuisine full of pepper and paprika; use oversized pencils; “a small nation struggling and surviving against the odds”; oppressors turned troublemakers; indigenous; often desperate and hopeless; calm and objective way of thinking; courage; audacity and insistence on ideas
  23. Indians – unconventional; adaptive; open-minded; agreeable; manipulative; hardworking; politically inactive; studious; intelligent; productive; inoffensive; poor personal hygiene; meditating or walking over fire, pinching needles through their mouth, in hands, legs and other private parts; spiritual, generally poor; snake charmers; legendary bureaucrats; huge families; love to watch soap operas; will outsource the whole world
  24. Indonesians – fearful; neurotic; extroverted; conscientious; warm and friendly people; lazy; live for today – who cares about tomorrow; no planners; religious; family-oriented; supportive; invented the rubber-time/rarely on time; corrupt; superstitious; slow; inferior; polite; lacking discipline; use feeling not logic; do not follow rules; hypocritical; resistant to change; tolerant; low profile; unwilling to confront or give ‘bad news’; silent in meetings; can’t swim
  25. Italians – Gigolos; live with their Mamas; even more chaotic than the French; possessive; passionate; pizza/pasta freaks; creative accountants; smooth-talking; manipulative; dishonest; women have mustaches; fashion-addicted; Casanovas; mafia or gang members;
  26. Irish – loud; no sense of cuisine; impulsive; glass of whiskey or beer in his/her hand; Celtic music fanatics; have red hair and “white-white” skin; live and sleep with their sheep; religious fanatics and protesters
  27. Israelis – arrogant; religious; strong family relations; well-traveled; anxious; noisy; rude; curse locals on travels; travel in packs only; ruin things if not satisfied; argue over the price of anything – even a cup of tea for a few cent; don’t respect local people; party all night; take a lot of drugs; if people say something against them, then they are surely Nazis; fancy and fashionable women in tight swimsuits; dream of migrating to other countries if their mother would let them; God help us!
  28. Jamaicans – lazy; grass-smokers; reggae and rasta maniacs; modest; impulsive; loud; boisterous and aggressive; most look like Bob Marley in the morning; strong sense of self and their culture; innovative musicians who influenced many genres; survivors – willing and able to create something from nothing; strong traditional families; caring for others in need; proud God fearing people; want American women and American dollars; don’t like American blacks; not too smart; the life goal of men is to have plenty of babies with multiple women; like patties, Winston, Stella, Ackee and Saltfish; always late; live in trees; walk barefoot and live generally very primitive; want to migrate some place else; every man in Kingston owns a gun; Jamaican women go to the Bahamas and the rest of the Caribbean to look for foreign men; all Jamaican men are uncircumcised; all they care are weed, beach, women and rum; God is Bob Marley!
  29. Japanese – disciplined; organized; very techy; fearful; neurotic; extroverted; competent; short; wealthy due to being a running dog of the US; workaholics; perverted; bathe in unisex public showers; buy sex toys and porn from vending machines; very “short” somewhere private but “bigger” than Chinese; women are subservient to men and make perfect devoted wives; raw-fish eaters; suicidal, arrive in packs
  30. Korean (South) – ‘kimchi’ is the only food; open-minded; ambitious; progressive; efficient; materialistic; arrogant; assertive; women are passive; ultra-modern; tech-savy; love gossip; traditional; women may be viewed by outsiders as having low status, being economically dependent, living in social isolation, and being virtual slaves; but actually, they were never confined to the house; they visit friends, shop, and go to popular theater presentations; women, as they grow older, speak their mind with impunity
  31. Laotians – religious; Buddhists; family-oriented; weed smokers; MSG lovers; warm & friendly people; relocated & traumatized refugees; Boat People; farmers; copy the Thai cuisine; eat only sticky rice; wear baggy trousers; hospitable; relaxed; know how to enjoy life; believe in karma and spirits; politically inactive and uninterested
  32. Luxembourg – all rich bankers; shady characters with black hats; manipulative; secretive; introverted; live from money laundering and fund managing; hard-working, intelligent; good in mathematics and monetary transactions
  33. Malaysians – lazy; anxious; neurotic; manipulative; survive by cronyism and nepotism; introverted; have inferiority complex; arrogant; have speed traps everywhere; ultra-religious, but sell porn everywhere; inhospitable, hate Westerners; boring; have great varieties of food; embrace multi-culturalism; wear bright, colorful clothes; every long-term visitor is expected to convert to Islam; love to watch soap operas; men chauvinistic, have mistresses; women traditional but with modern thinking
  34. Mexicans – heavy tequila drinkers; impulsive; wear huge sombreros; religious; family-oriented; neurotic; modest; megalomaniac, men overweight with golden teeth and 3-day-beard, women attractive and easy to get; all women look like Salma Hayek; sneaky; banditos; maids or illegal immigrants; lazy; never finish anything – not even revolution; either sleeping, leaning against a cactus or bored; warm & friendly people; hospitable; great food (enchiladas, tortillas, burritos) and cheap cost-of-living; a real land of the free; mystical cults; human traffickers into the US
  35. Moroccans – wants everything gratis; look like Ali Baba; live in an Oasis in the desert surrounded by palm trees; traditional; hospitable; nomads roaming the sands on camels; mysterious; have exotic food; human traffickers into Europe; poor people; lost paradise; polygamists; Casablanca!
  36. Nepalese – poor and unemployed, but religious; peace-loving separatists; love colorful clothes, flags and fabrics; illiterate; suppressed and exploited women; tolerant; struggling to survive; anti-Indian; cultured; enlightened
  37. New Zealanders – neurotic; extroverted; strong; unemotional; kiwi-eaters and farmers; provincial; pastoral; lack of sophistication; without any modern cosmopolitan nature; quainted; laid-back; relaxed; productive; opportunity-offering and seeking; multi-racial, tolerant; MacGyver mentality; unconventional; the 3 R’s: “Rugby, Racing & Beer”; independent; unfeminine women, wearing only masculine clothing; disregard intellectuals; farming Frodos; distrust politicians
  38. Nigerians – internet scam artists & drug dealers; violent; neurotic; open-minded; modest; manipulative; hard-working; creative; enjoy life; practice bizarre cults; sacrifice their first-born children; corrupt; love money; always horny; women enjoy house management works
  39. Norwegians – modest; somber; introverted; trolls, blond-haired, blue-eyed; rational and bored; boring; dependent on welfare state and petroleum; lax rules of sexual morality; institutionalized yearning for nature and simplicity; alcoholics; uneducated; stupid country bumpkin; rural traditions; rustic and unsophisticated fish-eaters; lamentable manners and muddy boots; stunning petroleum wealth
  40. Pakistani – hardworking; politically inactive; studious; intelligent; productive; and inoffensive; low-paid; do dirty jobs; cricket-addicted; anti-Indian; wild-eyed fanatics; militaristic; emotional
  41. Philippines – “region of natural and man-made disasters”; religious; have large, extended families; neurotic; modest; love to watch soap operas; cars are old patched American jeeps (jeepneys); tricycles are everywhere; chaotic traffic; colorful; kidnapping of foreigners is a favorite past-time – besides cock-fighting; obsession with cellphones and SMS; women call their husbands ‘master’; everyone has at least 3.000 pair of shoes; drama kings and queens; oversea workers sacrifice comfort, endure loneliness and abuse to work abroad to support & satisfy their families neverendingly; exotic foods and fruits; 7.000 exotic islands; warm & smiling people; love Karaoke; cheerful bantering; “Hey, Joe!”; God is Jesus, Mary and the holy trinity!
  42. Polish – neurotic; never smile but complain a lot; hard bargainers; babysitters; intolerant; heavy alcohol users; your car will be stolen, once you cross the border; easy-going; conservative; intellectual; attractive women, aggressive men – always up to pick a fight; excellent drivers; hard-working; helpful; listen to folk music; sit in church all day if nothing else to do; very religious
  43. Portuguese – ignorant; violent; love buffoonery; kind; rural people with ‘Singer’ sewing machines; bull fighters; meat eaters; drink port wine; love celebrations; well traveled hundreds of years ago – now more introverted; always longing for something, but don’t know what; feel lonely; nostalgic; “the past old days were the best”; waiting for the next hero to come; prefer to live a simple life and mocks the powerful
  44. Romanians – directly related to Dracula; everyone owns a mystic castle in the Carpate mountains in Transylvania, backwards-oriented; primitive; refuse to work; have to many children; slow; ingenious; trying hard – but never succeed; mistrust police and government; love to celebrate; “women are mothers and wives, trafficking of women, prostitution, domestic violence and sexual harassment is their own fault”; manipulative; nationalists; stable and value-oriented
  45. Russians – aggressive; rude; good tippers, big spenders; generally generous; open-minded; agreeable; love their “babushkas” and the last Czar; either spys or communists; alcoholics (primarily Stolichnaya vodka); mainly poor – with a few shiny billionaires; buy football clubs around the world (mainly in England); love ice hockey, gymnastics, wrestling, weight lifting; organized crime (the Russian Mafia) is everywhere; overweight; have deep hearty laughs; threatening nuclear war; want to invade with MIG fighter jets; ultra-orthodox Christians; love to secretly poison their enemies with uranium injections; warmongering similar to Americans
  46. Singaporeans – adaptive; super-efficient; fearful; anxious; crime-averse; rich; selfish; money-oriented; hard-working; clean; stylish; organized; disciplined; tolerant; introverted; career- and certificate-oriented; multi-cultural; love to eat chicken rice; over-regulated; obedient to government and hierarchies; fashionable; against chewing gum and smoking; are ‘kiasu’ – an extreme fear of losing/missing out; “women are materialistic, superficial, high-maintenance, have their heads too high up in the clouds, narcissistic; men are similar, just add boring, egoistic and they live with their parents”; love shopping – love SHOPPING!; the 5 C’s: “Cash, Car, Credit Card, Condominium, Country Club Membership”
  47. South Africans – impulsive, racists; disease-infested; tribal; poor; community-oriented; strong masculine men; repressed women; proud; love to sing and dance; colorful celebrations; have short life; live in a dangerous country; suspicious; materialistic; apathetic; regretful; egoistic; pessimistic; revengeful; love TV; enjoy life to the fullest
  48. Sri Lankis – aggressive separatists; lazy; jealous; rebellious; ardent defenders of faith; friendly & warm people; conservative; strong beliefs in cultural norms; extreme traditional; uneducated, unskilled and unemployed; patriarchic and devoted women; believe in “natural evolution of things”; entrepreneurs; sometimes naughty deal makers; opportunist linguists – ‘Neither here nor there’
  49. Spaniards – lazy; party animals; womanizers; food lovers (Paella); extroverted; untidy; conscientious; impulsive; megalomaniac; bull fighters; always late; “know how to live”; wine-drinking and ham-eating; temperamental; affectionate; look like Antonio Banderas; emotional cry-babies; sophisticated; everybody smokes and talks all the time; proud and patriotic; fashionable, love to dance; relaxed; nationalists; cultured; respect their rights and duties; history and ancestry are important; leisure culture; open-minded and warm people;
  50. Swedish – conscientious; blond-haired, blue-eyed; wealthy; enlightened; rational and bored; boring; dependent on their welfare state; lax rules of sexual morality; institutionalized yearning for nature and simplicity; heavy drinkers; modest; introverted; sophisticated and modern
  51. Swiss – rich; competent; introverted; modest; anxious; serious; multi-lingual; brand-affine; nit pickers, hard bargainers; watch makers; sit in the mountains, ‘yodel’ and milk their cows; play 12m long Alpine horns; ruddy cheeked; pretty smug because of the fresh mountain air; their trains always run on time; their diet is chocolate and holey-cheese; women are mostly blond, never grow old, like to help milking the cattle and are usually called Heidi; live in wooden huts on the mountainside; each room has at least one cuckoo clock; except people in Zurich: those are sharp-suited secretive bankers hoarding Nazi gold and helping out corrupt politicians and gangsters; obsessed with the environment, cleanliness and punctuality; tight on the rules; very private
  52. Taiwanese – ambitious; progressive; super-efficient; materialistic; descended from the Kuo Min Tang, the running dogs of the American imperialists who fled to Taiwan in 1949, taking enough priceless national treasures with them to ensure their wealth right up to the present day; tech-savy, independent, proud
  53. Thai – impulsive; manipulative; fun-loving (“Sanuk”); conservative; speak/sing a funny language; most women are hot and sexy and work in massage parlous or in bars; men rent out motor bikes or get drunk on Mekong Whiskey on the beach – except ladyboys; nationalists; suspicious towards foreigners; polite; good care-takers; can cook well; greedy; narrow-minded; promiscuous; dishonest; traditional; shy in public; family-oriented; religious; self-confident; independent; intelligent; ignorant; can get very violent and unreasonable very swiftly; can’t pronounce ‘R’; proud and patriotic; superiority-complex; resourceful; street-smart; emotional; Long live the King!
  54. Turkish – neurotic; conscientious; impulsive; lazy; oppressive; nationalists; intelligent; belly dancers; live from Kebab and Raki; men wear long bended swords in baggy trousers and turbans, have long beards; women wear a headscarf;
  55. Vietnamese – modest; mystical; obscure, wear funny hats and sleep in rice fields; eat baguette and strawberry jam or pate; hard-working; friendly; helpful

An interesting read is as well is this list of Ethnic Slurs, that are, or have been, used as insinuations or allegations about members of a given ethnicity or to refer to them in a critical, disrespectful, disapproving or contemptuous, or downright insulting manner in the English-speaking world.

After reading all those stereotypes, I’m a bit shocked that a lot of them – if not most – are pretty negative or even insulting. Don’t you think it’s a bit strange, how much effort most people around the world invest, to classify their neighbors? After all we are made from the same wood and soil; but somehow that seems to got lost along the way.

Anyway – I hope you could smile a bit from time to time, even though most of them *are* quite nasty. It’s maybe part of the human conscience to concentrate on bad or negative things, instead of concentrating on the things that connect us.

Please feel free to comment and to add your own experiences.

And please correct the worst quoted nightmares which peek in your eyes!

Maybe we can all help to put some of the worst stereotypes to rest. ;-)

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written by Chris

141 Responses to “55 Nations – Stereotypes that will Ruin or Make your Day”

  1. MonNo Gravatar PHILIPPINES Says:

    That part about the Filipina wives calling their husbands as “masters” is the only thing that is wrong about your “streotypes” about the Filipinos. Actually there is a term here in the Philippines that we call husbands as “housebands”-for husbands who tend their kids… you know prepare the meals… clean the house… wash the laundry and stuff while the wife is away in the office (this was the case with my parents when I was still young but as we grew up my father finally figured out that he must also work) or “Under the Saya” (Under the skirt)- for men who have bossy and extremely nagging wives and who are left to say yes to everything that she says.

    However, ideally, Fathers are viewed as the “haligi ng Tahanan” (wall of the home- [home is the right word for tahanan])… meaning the father is expected to provide and give the protection and income for the family…

    while the mothers are ideally called as “Ilaw ng Tahanan” (Lamp of the home) because they are expected to guide the children in how to behave well. It is usually viewed as the mother’s fault if the kids are troublesome… In our family my mother usually do the spanking.

  2. MonNo Gravatar PHILIPPINES Says:

    This is a nice post by the way.

    PS you mentioned Paella for Spain… I would love to learn how to cook that dish. Hey, why don’t you write about the cuisines and exotic foods from different regions that you have visited.

  3. ChrisNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    Mon, don’t worry too much about the stereotypes listed here. They are just that – stereotypes. You have good and bad people in every nation and most people with fixed stereotypes or prejudices are pretty narrow-minded anyway. I was just curious to find out, what people think about other countries’ people. And honestly it was quite shocking for me to see that most of them are rather negative. x(

    But what to do? You and me we know that it’s much better to accept people how they are and give everyone at least one chance, better two to proof you wrong. Right?

    For your tip with the different cuisines and exotic foods – thanks a lot for it! I will take it up and post one of the next articles about it! Where shall I send the royalties? ;)

  4. dodong floresNo Gravatar PHILIPPINES Says:

    Quite a long read and I enjoyed it so much, Hahaha!!! :D :D :D
    No, I won’t mention any stereotypes here but maybe I’ll try to mention those nationalities I get acquainted sometime, and you figure it out how was my experience with them ;) (in no geographical order – and only those whom I can remember)
    1. Korean college students (men & women) – on student exchange projects
    2. German – a missionary (he’s one of my favorite)
    3. Austrian
    4. Nepalese – a badminton instructor
    5. Japanese
    6. Taiwanese
    7. Hungarian – a good conversationalist and a pal in my Palawan adventures. Love motorcycles, too. He also designed and construct his own boat
    8. Italian
    9. Vietnamese
    10. Bangladeshi
    11. Americans – a lot…
    12. Brazilian women
    13. Thai – my former lady manager in the travel agency
    14. old Korean couple
    15. Korean bachelors
    Well, I lost count. I’ll add up the list if I can still remember any. The stereotyping somewhat holds true but not necessarily accurate for every individual is unique in their attitude. I knew it very well having been expose with different nationalities and culture…
    I sign off for now but I’ll come back here again ;)

  5. opening a day care UNITED STATES Says:

    […] 55 Nations – Stereotypes that will Ruin or Make your Day […]

  6. SurrealNo Gravatar CANADA Says:

    Entertaining list; I found it odd though, that my culture was not mentioned (Trinidadian) even though Taiwanese was mentioned and even some other smaller cultural groups!

  7. ChrisNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    Surreal – the reason for it is that I did chose the “biggest” nationalities not by size of country or population, but from my visitor statistics. Then I tried to look up common stereotypes via Google, which was unexpectedly difficult for some of the smaller ones already. In the end I simply had to reduce the number of included countries.

    I’m sorry that I didn’t add Trinidad right away, but maybe you want to add some of the typical stereotypes for Trinidadians? :-/

    I just checked my Stats again and Trinidad is on my all-time-list on #92, with 34 visitors in the lifetime of this site so far, just behind Guam and Ivory Coast, but ahead of Maldives, Costa Rica and Algeria. :D

  8. Andi VickyNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    Hi chris, I did quote a paragraph about Indonesian from your article here, for post in Indonesian forum at and I am also give your permalink there.

    Hope you don’t mind


  9. ChrisNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    Andi – don’t worry, you are most welcome to quote. Unfortunately I can’t access the forum, maybe I just have to check out how to subscribe there…

  10. CJ DavidNo Gravatar UNITED STATES Says:

    Very funny! Love it. :)) Try visiting the Philippines too and drink our San Miguel Beer.

  11. ChrisNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    Oh yeah! I love San Miguel, Red Horse – and Tanduay Rum. I will probably visit the Philippines again sometime around 2nd half next year. ;)

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  13. anno'No Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    yup..i can’t swim :-?
    good job bro.. =D>

  14. dinaNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    That’s how people see us, Indonesian. OMG =)) I’m only half Indonesian then :D

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  17. IsabelNo Gravatar UNITED STATES Says:

    Ha Ha I’m mexican-american and I thought it was funny, though I didn’t know there werre stereotypes for all these countries :) Also is it true asian women are hard to maintain and are very materlistic??

  18. ChrisNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    Isabel, that is a typical stereotype as well. The truth lies as always in the eyes of the observer. ;-)

  19. 5 Travel Movies that will give you Goose Bumps | nomad4ever UNITED STATES Says:

    […] moments, especially when you take it as what it really is: a Horror Holiday Comedy. Oh yeah – and Greeks ARE always drunk or too […]

  20. triNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    I am really interested in your writing. I know about the stereotypes much now…

  21. » Blog Archive » Stereotype Orang Indonesia versi Bule UNITED STATES Says:

    […] bule Jerman menulis artikel cukup menarik tentang stereotype (baca: karakter) orang2 dari 55 kebangsaan yang berbeda termasuk […]

  22. RyanNo Gravatar UNITED STATES Says:

    1. Koreans are not open-minded. In fact they are the only country in the world to hire teachers on the basis of their nationality and not on their qualification. If you plan to teach English – sod it even if you have a PHD, but if you dont hold an American, Canadian, Irish, Australian, British, irish and South African passport- forget it. Never mind if that they hire someone with no English skills at all. Case in point, when I was in Korea, I was appalled at the very basic grammatical mistakes that most of the so-called ESL teachers make. A Canadian guy spelled ‘pagoda’ as ‘pogoda’. Ha! One Aussie friend got spat on the face because a Korean thought he was American. I got cursed by a Korean lady because I couldnt speak their dirty language. Interracial marriages are frowned upon in Korea as well- with the wife and the kids bearing the brunt of racial ostracism in their respective communities.

    2. Koreans doesnt have any respect for the environment- entire hills and mountains are being bulldozed to make way for crappy looking buildings. In fact, they just reclaimed a very critical wetland (saemangeum project) to build a theme park (‘to make Korea a happy place’ according to ads) at the expense of migratory birds who feed in these area. They export these brand of environmental destruction to places like the Philippines – they tried to build a spa in the middle of an active volcano; and basically shaved a mountain to put up a housing project for their Korean managers. One just have to check out Seoul for the unbelievable smog that thickly covers the capital – best viewed on top of the 63 Building in Yeouido Island, on the banks of the muddy, sewage filled Han river.

    3. Korea does not have a unique culture of their own. Everything was borrowed from China, Mongolia and Japan. Kimchi is actually a Chinese dish that appeared in an ancient Chinese poetry book. Even the so-called ‘scientific’ hanggeul – their form of writing has its roots from China. Koreans who claim that their cuisine is known for spiciness, brace for this, chilli only came to Korea in the 18th-19th century via Portuguese merchant ships. Their much-vaunted hallyu, is nothing but a gross, cheap imitation of the J-Pop phenomenon that have swept the globe in the previous decades.

    4.Korean men does have apparently has the most sex every week – only because they are known to be the worst of lovers according to a survey by International Men’s Health Magazine. According to a study published in the Spanish Society of Andrology, Korean men has the shortest penis in the world – around 2 inches flaccid and about 3 inches erect. According to the Korean Government, there are about 800,000 Korean prostitutes right now in a population of just about 50M, which makes it about 1 in 8 Korean women in the ages of say, 18-35 are working in the flesh trade. New York City Police also note that 80% of the prostitution arrests every month in recent years are of Korean prostitutes smuggled in from Mexico and Canada.

    5.Korean employers are the worst in the world – by personal experience. They would cheat, lie, steal to make a buck. One just has to troll horror stories of ESL teachers in Korea who found out that the taxes and health insurance that were being deducted from their salaries were not remitted to the proper authorities. In the Hanjin shipyard in the Philippines, at least 20 workers has died because of poor working conditions.

    6.Korean travellers are the most disgusting of the lot that they are actually banned in at least 5 golf courses, several 5 star hotels in the Philippines for their annoying behavior. They tend to be noisy (noiser than the Chinese), and leaves the room in such a mess so bad that they would try flushing towels and smear feces on the walls. It is not uncommon that other travels, would make a specific request that they would not be included with a Korean travelling group.


    Having said that, the list is quite exhaustive. And I have to agree with Mon, the Filipino stereotype is quite spot on (except the 3,000 pairs of shoes and the ‘masters’ thing.) ‘Haligi ng tahanan’ means pillar of home. ‘Haligi’ is pillar not a wall (‘dingding’). Cheers

  23. ChrisNo Gravatar INDIA Says:

    Ryan, interesting insight about Koreans from your point of view. Now I would be very much interested, what a Korean citizen would have to say about that! ;-)

  24. RyanNo Gravatar UNITED STATES Says:

    Not very happy I suppose Chris. ;)

  25. JillNo Gravatar UNITED STATES Says:

    Perhaps the trashy, inbred, ignorant attitude about other cultures that you and other (unfortunately always SO outspoken) Americans employ is the reason people want to spit at you and your pal.

    1) Get real. Everybody knows that beautiful people are more commercially desireable in every country. Did somebody cancel your ESL contract because they discovered you were ugly at the airport? I probably got your job. I got all the jobs you applied for back in the ‘States, too.

    2) In America, we like to outsource the prostitution of Mother Nature. You know. To places like Korea.

    3) Every culture is “borrowed.” Every language is a conglomeration of countless others. Especially English.

    4) The nature of this part of your commentary is very illuminating. Maybe you need to get laid and lighten up a bit.

    5) I am beginning to wonder if your negative attitude has impacted your professional life. I suspect your apparent inability to string two coherent thoughts together might be a cofactor. And it’s “trawl,” not “troll.” On the internet, a “troll” is a person like you who will spend hours and hours trying to be as hateful as possible.

    6) Can you just please, please stop making Americans look like retarded assholes. I mean really. We’re tired of people spitting at us.

  26. RyanNo Gravatar PHILIPPINES Says:

    # Jill UNITED STATES Says:
    MyAvatars 0.2 March 5th, 2009 at 7:20 am

    Perhaps the trashy, inbred, ignorant attitude about other cultures that you and other (unfortunately always SO outspoken) Americans employ is the reason people want to spit at you and your pal.

    – First, **** *** *** *****. I am not even from the States, so sod off. My friend wasn’t even American.

    1) Get real. Everybody knows that beautiful people are more commercially desireable in every country. Did somebody cancel your ESL contract because they discovered you were ugly at the airport? I probably got your job. I got all the jobs you applied for back in the ‘States, too.

    – I went to Korea on a special passport, and I DINT NEED TO APPLY FOR A VISA to go there. I can stay there until North Korea blew the f*ck out of Seoul and I dont have to pay any immigration fees like the rest of you do. I know some of the biggest bankers in Korea myself. Had lunch with some of them in an expensive but tasteless restaurant at Jongno District (Ever stepped inside The Shilla? or dined at Lotte Hotel?). If I was ugly, then what do they call you freakin white trash who could probably never even get a decent job in your own tiny small town ghetto like most of the so-called ESL teachers in Korea who can’t spell right if it can save their miserable lives. And yeah, no one even checked me when I was at the Incheon Airport when I waved my VIP Passport in their little faces. Guess what? I had a limo waiting for me, a welcome sign and photographers when I got out of the arrival area. You are probably a fat, ugly white b*tch who is probably in danger of losing your shitty job in Korea because they cant afford to pay for your tiny 2,000 USD Salary – a month (Oh wait- they probably pay you less- because you are fat and ugly)., which cant pay no shit with prices going up in an already expensive country! Do you happen to check if your hagwon actually pays your healthcare? More often than not, they dont. You may want to have a bariatric surgery and you end up shocked to find out that your Won Jang Nim dint pay the insurance company!

    2) In America, we like to outsource the prostitution of Mother Nature. You know. To places like Korea.

    – Oh you tell me, Koreans are slipping into the US through Mexico and Canada and work their vajayjays off to pay off a loan from a Korean gang back in Korea. And there are heaps of them in New York. Korean prostitutes in Korea, that’s old hat. There are heaps of Korean prostitutes in Japan, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Australia (business was brisk during the last World Youth Day). You dont even understand the word outsourcing honey, that’s too big a word for you so dont even try.

    3) Every culture is “borrowed.” Every language is a conglomeration of countless others. Especially English.

    – Oh seriously, Koreans THINK and SAY that their culture is Pure. Have you ever been to Korea yourself? Makes me wonder if you ever had been there in the first place. Because apparently you are ignorant at the fact that Koreans hates being told that their culture is “borrowed” from the Chinese, and the Japanese and their blood line descended from Mongols. If you went to Korea and actually got past the security at the airport- you would have known that Koreans discriminate through blood types as well. Have you ever heard of the Korean movie- “My Boyfriend is Type B.” ? Probably you dont. Touche. Go to Korea first before you talk shit here. You are the actual troll in this message boards.

    4) The nature of this part of your commentary is very illuminating. Maybe you need to get laid and lighten up a bit.

    – Oh dear, I get laid all the time. I certainly dont have a problem with that department. And you probably would wanna join the queue to get a taste of nice,expensive, perfectly rounded ass, but I am sorry to tell you, I am taken. Unlike Koreans, who gets white girlfriends/boyfriends so that they can get free ESL lessons and get actual good sex, I dont even need to do that.

    5) I am beginning to wonder if your negative attitude has impacted your professional life. I suspect your apparent inability to string two coherent thoughts together might be a cofactor. And it’s “trawl,” not “troll.” On the internet, a “troll” is a person like you who will spend hours and hours trying to be as hateful as possible.

    Trawl – v. intr.

    1. To fish with a trawl.
    2. To troll.

    Get that dear? Englishi no? You dont need to give me English lessons sweetheart. And no, it hasnt affected my professional life. I certainly can afford my expensive lifestyle. Dont you worry. Ive got money to spend during this financial crisis. And dear, I dont even need to spend hours on the net.

    6) Can you just please, please stop making Americans look like retarded assholes. I mean really. We’re tired of people spitting at us.

    – Again, I am not American, nor I claim to be an American if you check with my previous posts. I am just a rich, spoiled brat from some country that you probably never heard of because you never study world geography in American schools. You probably thought Korea was a postal service.

    Sorry, Christian to rant back here. I have heaps of American friends who are not like a cultural retard such as the person above me, because they have proper jobs and a proper education.

    So Jill, lighten up *****. Have a good day, dont go loco on cheap soju.

  27. ChrisNo Gravatar INDIA Says:

    Jill and Ryan, as much as I appreciate a healthy discussion of different viewpoints, I don’t have the time and mood to edit direct insults of other readers here all the time.

    Of course, stereotypes are a controversial topic, but please refrain from racist or insulting comments in the future. Let’s please be more civilized, as otherwise I will simply delete those comments.

  28. serbianguyNo Gravatar MONTENEGRO Says:

    Hi Chris,

    interesting blog ! However, I must note that you did not present an “analysis” of one single nation from ex-Yugoslavia (Serbs, Croats, Slovenians) ! How come ?
    Hope to read something about us soon !



  29. ChrisNo Gravatar INDIA Says:

    serbianguy, true! Initially I put together the stereotype based on the visitors I got to this site, to make it most interesting for them. So that means, that unfortunately less than a handful of Serbs, Croats or Slovenians visited at that time – or even none at all. What would you see as typical stereotype for these nationalities? :-/

  30. serbianguyNo Gravatar MONTENEGRO Says:

    Hi Chris,

    I can only comment on Serbs/Croats/Bosnians who are essentially the same nation divided only by crazy polliticians and cllerics throughout history.

    (Nowdays, even some “Montenegrians” are appearing, which is probably the newest nation on the planet; so don’t be fooled they’re just some Serbs gone awry). Anyway, here are a couple of defining features that characterize most Serbs/Croats. I would not call them stereotypes, because they really have something to do with reality. If you visit ex-Yugoslavia, particularly Adriatic coast, you would have a chance to check them out first hand:

    So, Serbs/Croats/Bosnians are:

    – warm-hearted (most of them, particulaly people from Dalmatia and southern
    Serbia are in a very sharp contrast with Scandinavians in this sense; I
    can be free to ay so because I extensively travelled throughout these
    – friendly and welcoming (particuarly with foreigners)
    – conservative (in the sense of traditional family values)
    – homophobic, and sometimes even gay-bashing
    – nationallists (though nowdays less and less so in both Serbia and Croatia)
    – reliant and helpful
    – very good connoisseurs of fish meet in Dalmatia (southern Croatia) and pork meet in Vojvodina (northern Serbia)
    – nostalgic (for old good Yugoslavia)
    – optimistic (before joining EU)
    – more Russia-oriented than pro-EU (Serbs)
    – more West-oriented than pro-Russia (Croats, Bosnianas)
    – sceptical of fundamental changes in their societies (like euthanasia, gay-liberal laws, anti-corruption measures)
    – christian orthodox (Serbs)
    – catholics (Croats)
    – muslims (Bosnians)

    Unfortunately, I cannot comment on Slovenians because they are really a different nation from the rest of ex-Yu. Even their language is completly different (it’s very simillar to Slovakian), and even in Yugoslavia I
    remember that they were considered a totally different entity.

  31. ChrisNo Gravatar INDIA Says:

    serbianguy, thanks for sharing! That’s interesting insight into the new countries of former Yugoslavia. I know that many Germans love to visit Croatia (the Adria coast). Unfortunately I never made it there, but I liked to enjoy Yugoslavian food back in the 90’s (we had a nice restaurant in my town in Eastern Germany), like Cevapcici and Burek and the delicious sweet liquor drunken out of small bottlikis, but I forgot the name of it…..arlgglglgll! :D

  32. AlexNo Gravatar UKRAINE Says:

    Hi Chris,

    Great job! Many comments coincide to my impressions about the people I have met. Would appreciate to know what other think about Ukrainians?

  33. Roman SoikoNo Gravatar UNITED STATES Says:

    This made me laugh. It was hilarious.

    Ahh, life..

  34. DonnaNo Gravatar UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    :)) Had to laugh at the Swedish and other Nordic stereotypes. They are SOO TRUE.

    I am a Brit who moved to Sweden 7 yrs ago and I find the Swedes to be the most State/controlled, uptight, sombre, boring people on the planet…. They are very sweet an all but are so repressed in all ways that its very hard to get to know them.

    Oh and their cuisine is naff too. Still, its a beautiful country and the friends I have made are wonderful so its not all bad – just bloody expensive …. and cold!

  35. ChrisNo Gravatar PHILIPPINES Says:

    Good, that this article still finds his/here fans. :D

  36. Mr DirNo Gravatar POLAND Says:

    I am Polish. That’s really true about polish people except “excellent drivers” and “helpful”

  37. ChrisNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    Wow, Mr Dir. So the general perception of Polish seems more positive than reality? ;-)

  38. WayneNo Gravatar CANADA Says:

    Haha. Funny stuff right there with the Malaysian stereotypes.

  39. Mr DirNo Gravatar POLAND Says:

    To Chris,
    Most Poles are rude, disagreeable, pugnacious, finding quarrel in a straw, unpunctual. Most women complain a lot, waiting for the perfect man… in vain.
    Most Polish women believe that they beauty …even ugly women, smart and so on…Most Polish people go to church every Sunday…Why? Because of Faith?…no,
    because of parents, new dress, new car, etc. It’s a so disingenuous. Remember, don’t smile to Polish…Why? They think You laughing at them.

  40. malamoNo Gravatar POLAND Says:

    To Mr Dir,

    you say that most polish women complain a lot…and what’s about you? Your opinion about polish people (by the way it seems that you’re are talking also about yourself) is not a complaint?

    Besides, how can you estimate the majority? On what basis? Do you know every person in Poland and can predict their behaviour in each situations?

    It’s natural that extremely negative conducts will be most visible and will jump out but it doesn’t mean that they’re common!

  41. malamoNo Gravatar POLAND Says:

    each situation*, sorry ;)

    Believe me, maybe people in Poland are not angels but they’re not so horrible as well;) Unfortunately, we will remember rude, ugly waiteress behaving like Miss World better, than e.g. ordinary man giving out some newspapers.

  42. ZazazaNo Gravatar MALAYSIA Says:

    I find it interesting to read about Malaysian stereotypes on a whole. The line about ‘traditional women with modern thinking’ is really accurate, as with ‘ultra-religious, but selling porn everywhere’. Haha.

    In a way, we’re a bunch of confused people stuck between ultra-conservative and secular-urban.

  43. itsmeNo Gravatar UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    im French and I thought it was funny! the french stereotype actually sounds like my friend. some people say that, for a stereotype, french always wear striped jumpers/shirts and beirets :) stereotypes are not what actuall people are like – they are not real! im not anti-american i really dont care if america is there or not stereotypes not real! its nothing to get upset about (i may be a bit chaotic :) really chaotic :D)

  44. RheaNo Gravatar ROMANIA Says:

    :)) I’m from Romania and at the parts with “everyone owns a mystic castle in the Carpate mountains in Transylvania” and “directly related to Dracula” I thought I was gonna die of laughing! Also most of this stereotypes are based on our political representants and gypsies (who bring our country to shame) except
    “mistrust police and government” and “love to celebrate” which is definitaly the true romanian. Most politicians are the way the stereotypes say but the not-so-rich romanians are actually really nice and warm hearted even through we have a strange mocking sense of humor.Also you could add that romanians men love drinking.

    After reading this it bought a nostalgic feeling… Ah, what we were and what have we become! I really hope another Vlad comes and impales all those lunatics.

  45. meganxNo Gravatar UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    I’m french as well as itsme but when I read the stereotype for the French, I couldn’t stop laughing. I love being in the UK! The English stereotype is funny too! :D

  46. MihailNo Gravatar BULGARIA Says:

    I have to say this is quite a successful and entertaining collection of Stereotypes. When I saw there was a Bulgarian category I was expecting way more negative entries, given the fact what a circus it is here.

  47. PepperNo Gravatar UNITED STATES Says:

    :) ;;) I am mexican and I do get bored but only after I’m FINISHED WITH ALL OF MY WORK. I hate it when people sterotype! x(

  48. JanineNo Gravatar PHILIPPINES Says:

    Oh lawlz! I lol’d at my country xDD .. Mabuhay Philippines!! ^___^

    It’s true… everything.. but whoa! 3,000 shoes?! good heavens, I think you’re talking about vendors on the street, selling flip flops, sandals and shoes O___o I only have three pairs of flip flops, a pair of rubber shoes and two pairs of sandal…. And Wives calling husband “master”? I never heard of any wives calling one, unless it’s a joke, like my sister calling me one when I jokingly demand something. xD

    Vietnamese must love this post. There’s only one negative phrase there, exclude the funny hat because all southeast asians wear those. (here in Philippines, we call it salakot! :D only used by farmers though ^^;) Oh and you forgot two or three things about them… Motorbike is their car, noodle-lover and wears white ao dai as their school uniform.

    Koreans (specifically teenagers) are generally friendly to me. Girls, yes, but boys…. SOME are kinda sadistic or whiny. My opinion of course. I’m not quite sure for adult ones… I only get to talk with my Korean classmates, usually about what today’s homeworks, upcoming projects or thesis xD I have to agree Ryan, Koreans are not open-minded. they tend to keep their opinion themselves… and yeah… I heard many news that some cheated just to live in to an apartment. But hey, we’re not perfect. To me, they’re really smart and has a sense of humor. (remembers Infinity Challenge in Philippines =)) )

    yeah, I love Americans, Canadians, Europeans and Mexicans! :D I wish I can visit there! (YM emoticons ftw!)

  49. deeNo Gravatar UNITED STATES Says:

    Only 2 African countries? fail. Most of these stereotypes are retarded.. especially the drinking ones. The only countries that make me think about alcohol are Germany, Russia, and Ireland. And I guess Japan too, cause of sake

  50. deeNo Gravatar UNITED STATES Says:

    My bad, 3 African countries.. counting Morocco. More violence happens in “civilized” countries like America or the UK than in Nigeria.

  51. CjNo Gravatar UNITED STATES Says:

    Wow that is quite a list. I have actually lived in the Philippines before and that is what led me to your original blog that brought me here. I have to say I have unfortunately witnessed much of these stereotypes/prejudices in action. I am very open minded and hold no prejudice to any people or culture. In fact learning and interacting with so many different people is absolutely amazing in my book. Keep on keeping on Chris ;-)

  52. BigBrasilNo Gravatar BRAZIL Says:

    Interesting to see the image of Rio de Janeiro is the one chosen to “represent” Brasil, here. Probably because it is the only city most foreigners know. It’s a stereotype other regions in Brasil have, too, about “cariocas” (people who are born in Rio).

    However, Brasil being a 190-million-people country and the fourth biggest in the world, the stereotype couldn`t be farther from reality. Mainly when we consider the southern region (massively influenced by germans and italians), the northeastern region (heavy influence of the french and the dutch) and the rest of the southeast (where Rio is located), which differs a lot from Rio de Janeiro.

    There would be a lot to say about the amazon, too, which is almost a distinct country. Anyway, I found the text really interesting and it also shows how judgemental we all are toward others.

  53. RyanNo Gravatar CANADA Says:

    LOL. Very well said. I wonder if those are your personal observations of you have a reference for this info.
    =)) =)) =))

  54. ChrisNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    It’s all collected mainstream info from the web, of course some personal observations found their way into that compilation as well.

  55. SlokidsNo Gravatar SLOVENIA Says:

    – are nice and friendly, warm-hearted and open
    – good in sports
    – love our country
    – like learning foreign languages
    – like to gossip
    – love good music
    – competitive (if a neighbour buys a new car, I have to buy it too) :)
    – average slovenian is smart
    – we live in a small country so we always feel we have to show ourselves

  56. HanoidNo Gravatar VIET NAM Says:

    Vietnamese – modest; mystical; obscure, wear funny hats and sleep in rice fields; eat baguette and strawberry jam or pate; hard-working; friendly; helpful

    modest – ahem, I haven’t seen so much see-through blouses in my life until I went to Vietnam.

    hard-working – 2-3 hour lunches. I love it.

    friendly – my neighbour just punched a delivery guy for no apparent reason yesterday.

    helpful – waited for 5 months to have our cable TV installed. ;)

    Great list tho.

  57. VeenaNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    i’m Indonsian, and i’m proud of it.
    many prejudice we’re lazy, but hey don’t you think spend more time to take a rest means lazy??
    of course not,
    we need a balance activity, starting from studying, working, traveling, eating and even resting…………… :))

  58. d3wiNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    =)) I am definitely Indonesian :))

  59. TonnyNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    :)) So true about finnish people,, :p

  60. AlexNo Gravatar POLAND Says:

    yes, I come from Poland and I’m familiarized with these stereotypes concerning my nation. some are true (laugh) but some are not. anyway I really encourage all of you to check it out which are true and which are not :) Greetings from Poland!

  61. henryNo Gravatar CANADA Says:

    for Taiwan, you should add, fighting is not uncommon in the taiwanese parliament

  62. multiculturalguyNo Gravatar VIET NAM Says:

    Maybe you should add Burmese too?

  63. ChrisNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    multiculturalguy, what would you say are typical stereotype of Burmese? :-/

  64. nataliaNo Gravatar ARGENTINA Says:

    I am Argentinian I have to say- most men in here think argentina is the best place in the world, when it´s actually not. I also heard that we-argentinian women -are beautiful. I guess we are attractive LOL
    Really funny stereotypes-they did make my day!

  65. maregulNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    Nooo the Swedish and Norwegian ones got mixed up!
    Norwegians do not classically have blonde hair! it is much darker than other Scandinavians, usually brown hair and blue eyes. They love healthy food and are very sporty. Some like thrash metal too. Norwegians usually have money to burn because their government gives them holiday money and their salaries are sky high.

    Swedish are usually very stupid and Norwegians make fun of them for that (Norwegians are very clever).

    The loose sexual morals are bang on for both though! They also both like a good drink accompanied by a lot of tobacco in any form. They love sunbeds, they travel a lot And they are all very attractive!

  66. moeNo Gravatar POLAND Says:

    Hi,id like to comment upon the above mentioned stereotypes of Poles in general.Although all countries have their own undesirable social characteristics, I must say that alot of Polands much non-desirable stereotypes werent presented above.Poles often give off the same stereotypes that have been given to the american Jewish people ethnic genre,Poles are materialistic,constant complainers,gossipers,arrogant,cheap with others,sneaky and vendictive,greedy,lazy,petty,pessimistic,prejudist,insecure,know-everything best and yet nothing,hate new concepts and development,They tend to gang up to help rid poland of a foreighner within their scenario.When abroad Poles often pretend to hide their polisms’ and once they’re back to their country,they wave their noses in the air at their fellow countrymen.Poles are fond of excuses,especially excuses that are used to justify their nasty attitudes towards foreighners and amongst themselfs,{BECAUSE:1.Our corrupt communist government in the 80s.2.To Jest Polska,thats 3.contract?Contract for you and not for me…and so fourth.It used to be West is best,since Poland joined the Eu,well,the west isnt best anymore,the eu tuned into a porthole for Poles to move easily through other cultures like parasites and yet their arrogance denouncing the coutries they live off of yet claim how they love Poland!When asked why do you do/say these things?My country was communist…So perhaps repression here in poland makes all things permissable within Polish culture and laws?I have lived in Poland for 12 years,ive built a house in a new neighborhood and I can say,it hasnt been a dull minute with these people. :(

  67. MQNo Gravatar FINLAND Says:

    Finnish – You definetly need to add “Persistent” or something similiar. We stopped the damn Soviet Union in WW-2 outnumbered multiple times. They lost (yea they’ve sugared it afterwards cus it is so embarrasing to them) 1 million (dead + wounded) men trying to conquer Finland which lost ~70.000 (dead + wounded) men… I mean, we’re talking about modern age Spartians here.

  68. russNo Gravatar CANADA Says:

    You forgot to mention the Canadian stereotype of being a pothead, ever heard of BC bud? (British Columbia)

  69. ChrisNo Gravatar PHILIPPINES Says:

    Great additions everyone! :)) Keep it coming! ;-)

  70. jimmyNo Gravatar UNITED STATES Says:

    jamaica was very funny..

  71. AlinaNo Gravatar GERMANY Says:

    I do not understand everything but there are funny stereotypes regarding Germans I think. How fat would I be if I eat 5 big meals a day. :))

  72. JuiceNo Gravatar UNITED STATES Says:

    Thank god el Salvadorians weren’t mentioned. We do have stereotypes you just got to look deep into it. Riot mongering,Human trafficker to the US,drink 3 cups of coffees for Breakfast,Very Innovative in a Ghetto way, Drink Kolachampan like there’s no tomorow, beleive all Muslims are terrorist,Hate any non Christians/Catholics, And can walk 2 miles while carrying a basket of tamales On our back.

  73. Muhammad SyafriNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    :-? well i think most of Inonesian stereotypes are right…
    =)) it means there will be so many things to fix…
    nice one…

  74. Astaga NagaNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    =)) LOL
    =)) I can’t stop laugh

  75. Speaking Club # 3: The Melting Pot (nationalities and their typical traits) « Kate's English Speaking Club's blog UNITED STATES Says:

    […] then a national character does exist.  I started by reading this description (I borrowed it from this lovely site – hope they don’t mind ) […]

  76. Turism and Stereotypes « bitacoraargentina UNITED STATES Says:

    […] Here there are some Latin-american stereotypes (Positive and negative), I took them from a very interesting post from nomad4ever (55 nation-stereotypes that will ruin or make your day) […]

  77. MoiNo Gravatar UNITED STATES Says:

    Wonderful research! I’ve always thought there was an unspoken preface in many stereotypes: “Compared to my own culture, culture X is more (or less)…”

    A few quotes related to stereotypes:

    Americans, because of their well-developed sense of individualism – the much cherished notion of personal uniqueness – are especially put off by generalizations. Indeed, one generalization we can safely make about Americans is that they do not like to be the object of generalizations.
    – Craig Storti, Cross Cultural Dialogues

    The problem with stereotyping is that it conjures up an image (from type setting) of stamping the same type on every blank face. It may be more useful to think rather of prototypes, which allow for variation around a set of core characteristics.
    – Susan C. Schneider and Jean-Louis Barsoux, Managing Across Cultures

  78. Irish_DanNo Gravatar UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    Im Irish, I agree with all of ours but we dont screw sheep, Wales do

  79. juliannaNo Gravatar UNITED STATES Says:

    im italian but i dont agree that italians are pasta/pizza freaks

  80. HetaliaScarlet22No Gravatar UNITED STATES Says:

    not all of this are true plus they are stereotypes but thanks i have a project with stereotypes on countries so thanks:D X3

  81. BishalNo Gravatar SWITZERLAND Says:

    Positive Stereotype of Nepal: Fearless, Friendly, Ultra cultural and religious
    Negative ones : Lazy, Depends on Government, Uses mouth rather than hand at work, Social but violent drinkers

  82. CammieNo Gravatar UNITED STATES Says:

    What else you forgot:
    French– perverted, rapists, persistant, aduturers.

  83. SophNo Gravatar NEW ZEALAND Says:

    Haha this cracked me up =D You pretty mujch got New Zealanders down to a t- all thats missing is our tendancy to wear jandels or no shoes at all, no matter to the weather or location

  84. ChrisNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    And I’m grateful that you added that Soph! Thanks! ;;)

  85. sylvainNo Gravatar FRANCE Says:

    I love this list, it’s particulary true for the french people. there are one or two elements i don’t undestand but for the rest all is typical french
    thanks (and yes we don’t know speak English)

  86. hls18No Gravatar UNITED STATES Says:

    As a Jamaican, I will honestly add to this:

    Our men are mostly mechanics and generally not as bright as our women; we love food and praise fatness in women yet are not usually fat at all; we are extremely homophobic (Buju); we try to copy others as others copy us; we live (and sometimes die) for politics; we’re more likely to praise England or Canada than America.

  87. hls18No Gravatar UNITED STATES Says:

    By the way, I laughed my pants off reading these! (especially the one about Jamaica). The stereotypes for Poland are mostly true, too. (I can speak from experience because my boyfriend is Polish-born and raised)

  88. ChrisNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    hls18, nice additions, thanks a lot! And cheers to your bf! :D

  89. KhanNo Gravatar TURKEY Says:

    others call Turkish people also;invaders genocidal maniacs blabla.our society is totally paranoid :D when greeks produce a war ship people in here like : Oh fuck! look at them they are planning something !

  90. NamiNo Gravatar not found Says:

    LOL The Indonesian “can’t swim” is kinda funny, because we have lots and lots of beaches. And we flood too much.
    It’s a bit of 50/50, some of us can swim, some don’t.

    Oh, and I think in some countries they think Indonesia is Asian, so we’re automatically smart. I think it’s more because of our (pretty) high education… thing.

    At least it wasn’t Noodle-eaters XD

  91. NataliaNo Gravatar POLAND Says:

    I’m Polish and I think that some of these stereotypes might actually be true. I’m not so sure about stolen cars, because I’m the most absent-minded person ever and I constantly live my car open. Believe it or not no one is interested in it. It is true that (in comparison to other nations) we are a bit neurotic and we do not smile often (especially to strangers). The good thing is that younger generation tend to smile more and complain less. You should bare in mind that we are also famous for our hospitality :D. I need to start to listen to folk music to be more Polish ;-) !

  92. lawlNo Gravatar UNITED STATES Says:

    lol you forgot to mention Polish are slow :3 and they love ponies, and they have the worst luck and best music :D and were always are easily distracted~I love being polish

  93. VanessaNo Gravatar AUSTRALIA Says:

    oh lol, I’m Indonesian and honestly I guess have to agree with most of it. Some of them I didn’t understand :L

    but I’m a great swimmer even my brother O_O;

  94. MuthNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    i’m indonesian… about the indonesian stereotype, most of it were right, but… the ‘can’t swim’ part is quite weird.
    same as nami, there’s so many beaches here, and most of the regions in indonesia get flood when the rainy season comes.

  95. ChrisNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    Vanessa and Muth: of course it’s weird, that many Indonesians can’t swim, if you consider, that there are more than 17.000 islands in the country. But I have that effect every day, that I meet people here in Bali and ask them if they like snorkeling, swimming or diving – and they say, they would probably, if they could only swim. ;-)

    Maybe it also has to do with the education system, in the West, mandatory swimming lessons are very common, especially in Europe. In my home town (which is about 400 kms away from the sea, I learned swimming at the age of 8. Maybe that’s why it feels even more weird or obvious, when we Westerners meet people of island nations who can’t swim. ;;)

  96. DewiNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    I am Indonesian, absolutely can’t swim, and I also know a lot of friends who keep on saying “Let’s learn how to swim” but never really do so (including me). Just like what you’ve mentioned Chris, we’re pretty much resistant to change. We would rather keep on watching TV instead hahaha

  97. serahNo Gravatar UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    would have been better if you had split up the UK into Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and England. you would get much more diverse stereotypes then, like the Scots being ginger kilt wearers eating haggis living in their old castles, and the Wales being coal mining sheep shaggers and of course your English tea drinkers

  98. serahNo Gravatar UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    by the way i’m scottish and i do none of that apart from eat haggis which is actually delicious – and for those that don’t know what haggis is it’s a wee rugby ball shaped animal that runs round the hills with two legs shorter than the other two so that it isn’t slanted on the side of the hill. the females tend to go clockwise and the males anti-clockwise and they’ll mate when they meet

  99. DaveNo Gravatar GERMANY Says:

    Well I am Indian, and in addition to what Chris has mentioned, some other stereotypes I have encountered/heard from friends/read about Indians, is that all of us are Hindus and everyday life is dictated by the caste system.Then comes skin colour and appearance – before 9/11 we had turbans with very dark faces and beard with a south Indian accent.
    As said by Chris, we were sword eaters, holy men on a bed of nails, elephant drivers and do meditation alongside with drugs,especially during the hippie movement. Funnily some hollywood films also exaggerated these things reinforcing ” perception” (e.g. James Bond, Indiana Jones) More recently it is more about Call centres, offshoring and the IT solutions guy with an american accent, living in a slum & always shaking his head sideways.;-)

    But obviously there is a fun side to it , especially when I hear rumours about life in India for which i laugh or look with amazement at the other person.

    whatever..they make us laugh at the end….dont they?

  100. EshtarNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    LOL this is brilliant. I’m Indonesian so I know very well how that stereotype really matches. Nice one with America too. XDD I mean, well, Indonesia ARE that bad most of the times, that’s why sometimes I hate my country’s people. :)) :)) :)) No objection about Indonesia, that’s for sure. Since this is “stereotype” I needn’t say that you’re wrong, stereotype means not all but most of, so if a few are out of the things you have mentioned, well it’s natural. MOST are like that, true.

    Kudos for you! You’re a really good observer.

  101. WandaNo Gravatar THAILAND Says:

    Excuse me, I just want to tell you that all Thai women and men aren’t just like definition in this text. Please understand that they’re only one group in multigroup of people in Thailand.

    But another things you’d write are very brilliant and true! :)

  102. AméliaNo Gravatar PORTUGAL Says:

    Hello from Portugal! Well, we are not that violent. If you compare our violence to the violence of other nations you know what the hell I am talking about.
    Oh! About being ignorant you may have reason. But not everyone.

    And you forgot something: we love codfish and young people love beer.

    I think that’s all.

    Big kisses.

  103. JamaicanNo Gravatar UNITED STATES Says:

    =D> Good stereotypes but the lazy part is way off… lazy ppl wuldn’d have a bunch of fast runners (check sprint runners in track)… Plus… arn’t we seen as competitive?… in addition Rastafari would be a better replacement for the God part. The “not smart” part hits… but when i think about the population vs the rest of the world, it averages out like that. My day wud have been made if i saw “competitive”… oh i missed.. (live in trees??? cmon “man” check our ranking in world economy– we’re better than half the world’s nations)

  104. EduNo Gravatar UNITED STATES Says:

    Being a Brazilian I can assure you that those stereotypes are of people from Rio de Janeiro and DO NOT represent the country as a whole. Well, maybe the one that said: “always trying to outwit government and regulations” apply to the whole country but most of the others don’t. It’s like saying all Americans are rich hollywood stars, all British are royalty or everyone in France is a street performer. I’m sure that’s not the case.

  105. ChrisNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    Hi Edu, I think that’s why they call them stereotypes…hehehe! :D

  106. EduNo Gravatar UNITED STATES Says:

    Good observation, Chris!

  107. ChrisNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:


  108. RandomNo Gravatar UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Says:


    Lacking discipline? go to Java and see many people there who respects their parents and is very polite.. but the culture in Java is almost forgotten :( :(

  109. ZizzyNo Gravatar UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    Hey! I am Turkish and I was kinda surprised after seeing this: L-) “men wear long bended swords in baggy trousers and turbans, have long beards; women wear a headscarf” This is so rare to find this type of people.. We have modern way of clothing like other Europeans and it is so true that we are nationalists! =D>

  110. LizNo Gravatar UNITED STATES Says:

    Greek living in America here. And I found this so funny :-) Not so sure about Greeks being overweight though…maybe some of the women from the older generation, but in my family at least we’re all very worried about our weight (not that this stops us from eating a ton of lamb, pita & feta almost every day anyways).

    Anyways I don’t know how I got here, but I’m glad I did. Things are really escalating in our country at a bad pace (you know the whole “russia is trying to get into greece’s pants thing”) and this really put a smile on my face and let me forget my worries for a while :-)

    Have a good one :-)

  111. lotusNo Gravatar DENMARK Says:

    Hey.I am danish. We danes are very trustworthy,cares for others, want good wages,good healthcare,eldercare, we do not like guns in the home, unless you are a biker. lol, we do not belief in death penalty. we are open minded,eat good food with good flavours.We like to work less as in general.Many danes would like to retire early in life and enjoy the rest of life in good quality befor old age starts and quality goes way down. We like to travel and see other cultures. We love pastery and good bread,cheeses,marinaded herring and coldcuts on rye bread(rugbrød)

  112. lilyNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    lol, most of the stereotypes about indonesia are true :))

  113. KatNo Gravatar TAIWAN Says:

    “Entertaining list; I found it odd though, that my culture was not mentioned (Trinidadian) even though Taiwanese was mentioned and even some other smaller cultural groups!”

    The population of Trinidad is 1.3 million while the population of Taiwan is 23.2 million…

  114. SufianNo Gravatar PAKISTAN Says:

    hey, i am pakistani and it was all awsome and so true.

  115. DariaNo Gravatar RUSSIAN FEDERATION Says:

    LOL, Russia is soooo Russia!! We DO love our ‘babushkas’ )))
    This can actually show how ridiculous the world is seen from the point of view of those who believe in stereotypes. Very nice!

    By the way, there’s a porion of uranium in this message…

  116. DariaNo Gravatar RUSSIAN FEDERATION Says:



  117. FyeNo Gravatar MALAYSIA Says:

    the Malaysian stereotypes are almost so true,well not all of them but that’s how “stereotypes” are and I cant help myself from laughing :))
    I must say, that your writing is quite good =D>
    However, there are a little bit of differences between the West and East of Malaysia (I’m from the east actually). I assume you may be taking your observations from the West M, forgive me if I’m wrong.. But nevertheless, whether its West or East, all of us have quite a common..(well,what can I say? we’re Malaysians) ;-)

  118. thelightestlaughNo Gravatar SINGAPORE Says:

    for SINGAPORE, you should have added-
    “teenage girls who pretty much show the V-sign.”

    but. amazing article (:

  119. KokoletNo Gravatar not found Says:

    I had such a good laugh with this!! A lot of the Nigerian stereotypes are actually true!!

  120. ChrisNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    Great new additions and thanks for the heads up, guys! I’m glad this articles is still making people smile even after almost 5 years. :D

  121. JaffaaNo Gravatar not found Says:

    I’m Indonesian and most of them are true, I admit it :))

    But I can swim.

  122. mishaNo Gravatar PHILIPPINES Says:

    Haha! I’m filipino and I think most of those to true since I can be neurotic at times but not really…

    Just want to comment on “women call their husband masters” because there are a lot of men here who are considered “under the saya”. Men who are afraid of their wives that they tend to be nice in front of their wives but tend to be manly when away from the wife. And also about “have at least 3,000 pair of shoes”, definitely untrue and I’ve only heard that stereotype here, because there’s a lot of poverty here that they rather buy food than shoes. I think that’s only true with Imelda Marcos…LOL Well, it’s stereotype anyway, some can be true and some can’t.

    Thanks for the list, had fun reading it…

  123. JimNo Gravatar UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    BRIT here. Good call on lots of these! Your Brit stereotypes are very American. The thing I always notice is that the Brit stereotype Americans have is quite different to the ones Europeans have of us. Here’s a list of Brit stereotypes I collected when I was teaching Spanish 18-year olds in Madrid. Brits are:

    Noisy, boisterous, drink a lot of beer, hooligans/quick to fight, fashionable, DJs/music, rock stars, terrible at speaking other languages, play fair, conservative/right wing, have great shopping, funny/sense of humour, naive/easily tricked, colonialists, house-proud/tend their gardens, play stupid sports like cricket and rugby, arrogant, always think they are best/right, badly behaved in resorts, intelligent/cultured/refined, bland food.

  124. ShalalalaNo Gravatar not found Says:

    Oh. Indonesian’s stereotype was true. Can’t disagree, especially with ‘Silent at meeting’. Well, mostly in Indonesia the student will be VERY quiet when teacher asked them/wanted them to ask question and become loud as hell when they don’t. XD

  125. Demit KecilNo Gravatar AUSTRALIA Says:

    Close enough
    But be careful saying Indonesian is fearful. It’s look like that but please don push them on the limit. You can ended ‘Missing IN Action’ and find in pieces …

  126. wibisonoNo Gravatar not found Says:


  127. tonoNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    that so damn true about frenchie “; rude to tourists” i have first hand experience about that last year ago
    when it happen i am not asking for some toilet or restauran or something that not important .. i am asking direction for some drugstore.. because my wife need some medicine for her headache.. already try to open conversation with “excuse me” in french .. and the only action that he give is without any thinking he pointing to some direction.. and i know that direction is leading to nowhere.. the pity one is i am asking to some store clerk on upscale store in lafayette mega store.. that i see there is so many tourist mostly asian ..
    all i know he pointing to somewhere so we can leave him as soon as possible ..

  128. kevinNo Gravatar not found Says:

    Actually these are stereotypes but some people can think these are totally correct.For example,in Turkey not all people wear such things they are modern people.I went last year Mersin in Turkey it was like a heaven they behave you as if you were their brother . :-P

  129. AmandaTNo Gravatar SINGAPORE Says:

    for SINGAPORE. hahahahaha totally made my day :D its kinda true though actually. the shopping part is SO TRUE!!! shopping is the official pastime of Singaporeans anyway ;-) you can find a mall ANYWHERE

  130. Indian street kidNo Gravatar INDIA Says:

    things said about are India are practically pretty correct ;-)

  131. TyaNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    Oh my God I just read this and it really made my day! It’s hilarious :-D most of the stereotypes about Indonesians are true, we usually are reluctant to go out from the comfort zones, and we really are rarely on time (we’ll be late about AT LEAST 30 minutes–correct me if I’m wrong). Do not follow rules and lacking disciplines–yes, you can see how people with bikes/motorcycles behave on the street in Jakarta (even the public transportations don’t follow the rules, or there aren’t any(?) They stop the bus whenever/wherever they see a person stops them). We often mock the government (because of, you’ve said it, corruption).

    Well, I can swim. But yes, swimming is not really learnt in school, so if the students want to be able to swim, they have to learn by themselves.

    But again, not all Indonesians.

  132. ZamNo Gravatar CZECH REPUBLIC Says:

    Hey this is a great site, thanks for putting it together. I’m an expat from USA living for many years in Czech Republic. May I suggest adding to your Czech stereotype profile the following: the Czechs are a very surly lot, they themselves will admit it. Tourists to Prague are often surprised to see a town where nobody smiles, and if you do smile at a passer by they will look at you like you’re crazy :lol: . They’re quite mistrustful of anyone they don’t know–even other Czechs. It is not easy to befriend them. But to be fair they have very good qualities: they’re very down to earth and pleasantly laid back :)

  133. DerrickNo Gravatar not found Says:

    It does suck that my country seems to be the worlds punching bag verbally when really the majority of our reputation comes from conservatives (most likely the majority of the southern half of the US) that should not own computers and spread hate through forums and social networking and then people from other countries think our entire population is made of these blind fools

  134. AngieNo Gravatar RUSSIAN FEDERATION Says:

    funny, very funny and moreover, interesting too

  135. giocondoNo Gravatar BRAZIL Says:

    Italians = pedophile. The italians love having sex with their own children. When they travel abroad they always look for sex with minor. Pay attention specially the elderly men alone.

  136. LisaNo Gravatar not found Says:

    Scandinavian, French, Dutch and German women are stereotyped as maneaters and having manstresses, or male mistresses, for example. In North America, Asia, Latin America, or the Middle East, women can be punished for that behavior. Whereas men from Western countries and Latin America are overly handsome and sexy while men from Asia, North America, and Africa are not. North American men may be handsome but not as sexy as European or Latin American men. They tend to look more modest, dull, and prude. It’s no wonder European and Latin American men are seen as stealing North American women from their North American husbands or boyfriends who in turn are possessive, jealous, insecure, and territorial.

  137. SpaniardNo Gravatar UNITED STATES Says:

    Funny collection. In the case of Spain you left out a big one: “flamenco dancers”, despite the fact that flamenco is not traditional Spanish music/dance. Please, add that one :lol:

  138. HopeNo Gravatar AUSTRALIA Says:

    Thanks. A very interesting topic indeed!
    This is only the ‘upside’ of the story. Fair enough since no one want to hurt others. But is that all you have got Chris? or something else but you don’t want to say it out? Well I have several-year experience of interacting many people within Asian countries, especially Middle East and South Asia. Who can help me to identify the common personality traits of people in those nations? Thanks. Hope.

  139. NixNo Gravatar PHILIPPINES Says:

    Korean men look very feminine, you almost get confused who’s the guy or the girl. They are also popular with cosmetic surgery.

  140. Andrew BrewerNo Gravatar GERMANY Says:

    You forgot that us Romanians have good food and drink a lot of wine, mainly red and white wine.

  141. NotsoSmartNo Gravatar SLOVAKIA Says:

    Hah, nice one. I’m from Slovakia and I haven’t find my country, but it I’m not offended by it, because I know everyone thinks we are like Czechs :mrgreen:
    And I was very curious to see something about Ukrainians, but never mind ;-)

    Well, something about Slovaks:
    1. good workers
    2. egoistic (adults, youth)
    3. old people are very socialist and dream about communism
    4. two points of view – pro russians and pro usa
    5. swear a lot and everywhere, thus we got like a million of swearing words xD yeah, an we find swearing funny, so don’t offend if some Slovak is swearing to ya… we swear to our best friends mainly!
    6. intolerant and xenophobists
    7. hate Hungarians
    8. they are two part of people : nationalists, who think Slovakia is over everything
    shamed to be Slovaks (always say they are from another country)
    9. BOROVIÄŒKA! and a lot of people drink vodka here, because vodka is cool
    10. eat “bryndzove halusky” with “pirohy” everyday
    11. rivals with Czechs
    12. anti-EU, hate politics
    13. I have heard we have the prettiest girls in the world, but I don’t find it real :P
    14. can speak two languages since our youth!
    15. always bad attitude

    Well I’m surprised with some nationalities written here, Polans for example. I know a lot of them and I find them nice and always funny :D Then british people, well I have met rude british nacionalists, but I have like a best friend via internet who is the kindest person ever. :) And no…we don’t have language similiar to slovene LOL, but we can understand other slavic languages.

    Have a good day, everyone!

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