Apr 25

i-Blue 747 Bluetooth Data Logger GPS ReceiverMany RTW (Round the World) Travelers have the problem of keeping track of their journeys around the planet.

Of course you will keep a notebook, write a blog, shoot thousands of photos or mark your tracks on a small world map you carry around with you.

That’s usually okay, but what if you have a hangover, get lost, laze too long at that paradise beach or even lose track of what day it is?

How good that modern technology can help you out to monitor your trips and display it in graphic ways in popular applications:

You can avoid the above mentioned gaps and even months down the road you won’t have difficulties to tell, where you’ve been at a certain point of your trip. Not to talk about the manifold options what you can do with the collected data at a later stage.

The Good

Meet the GPS Tracker – a smart and small GPS device which can record your trips wherever you go, on the train, onboard a ship, while you sleep, get drunk, climb a mountain or float/tube down a river.

GPS - Tracking SoftwareIt’s basically a small GPS receiver, which logs and records your position constantly or over selected recording intervals.

Usually they are only palm-sized and you could store them in your back pack or mount to your vehicle.

Depending on the storage of the device this can account for weeks or even months of data, which can then be easily dumped to your PC via Bluetooth or USB connection. Import functions for standard spreadsheets or Google Earth help you to show your location at any recorded date on graphical maps or from a satellite view. Professional GPS Tracker

With additional software you can even do road or route planning or map your existing data into Street Directories.

So far the theory. Sounds really promising, doesn’t it?

The Ugly

There seem to be some downsides too. When reading some reviews on the web, many users claim, that the batteries don’t last very long.

Some devices go empty after 10 hours, even though the manufacturer claims at least a week of battery capacity. Others can’t get a signal (satellite out of reach) in buildings or even when in a car or on a bus.

Some devices use too few satellite to get exact coordinates or break down easily.


It looks there is plenty of light but many shadows as well with these devices. So it probably pays off to do some research for the right device and read some reviews online.

Just to get an overview, you could check out the following devices:Trackstick2 USB GPS Tracker

What are your experiences with GPS Tracking devices? Are they worth the money and the extra hassles with batteries?

Or did you find the right one, which is durable and reliable – you can simply switch it on, forget about it and still have all your trips and routes logged consistently and accurate?

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written by Chris

10 Responses to “GPS Tracking Devices for RTW Travelers – useful Gadgets or Waste of Money?”

  1. Nomadic MattNo Gravatar NETHERLANDS Says:

    Just one more thing to get lost or stolen…

    and traveling is about getting lost….half the fun is gone if u always know where you are!!

  2. LissieNo Gravatar AUSTRALIA Says:

    =)) You have to laugh – for years I have been tracking my travels: I buy a map and a pen, sometimes the pen becomes defective and I have to buy a new one! GPS receivers have their place but I don’t see it in the back of my backpack any time soon!

  3. ChrisNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    Good points you guys made here! ;-)

  4. James GreyNo Gravatar GREECE Says:

    I have GPS on my Nokia N90 but I don’t use it that much

    I think it would end up being something that was cool and new at first but after having to whip it out 20 times you would get tired of it

  5. Komodo DragonNo Gravatar UNITED STATES Says:

    It can only get better over time. I remember a day when digital cameras consumed batteries like it was nothing. Nowadays they last a long time in comparisons.

  6. dodong floresNo Gravatar PHILIPPINES Says:

    GPS tracking devices do not usually work in most spots here in the Philippines :(

  7. junramos3No Gravatar PHILIPPINES Says:

    Try GPS devices with sirf starIII in its GPS specifications. It is very sensitive, even in urban places like Ayala, makati or even under trees or inside cars or inside rooms. You will be surprised sirf starIII works.

  8. dodong floresNo Gravatar PHILIPPINES Says:

    @ junramos3: Hi, thanx for the info. That’s quite a news…

  9. Sylvia PalvaryNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    Could u tell me where i can find for gps trsck in bali??? because we have car rental and need this gps for our car,please…thanks

  10. ChrisNo Gravatar INDIA Says:

    What do you mean Sylvia Palvary? You have already a GPS device and look for the maps for Bali for it? Or you need a specific tracking device? Either way – I’m sorry, but I’m probably the wrong person to help you with these requests. It would depend on the manufacturer of your GPS device. Or you simply have to make sure when buying one, that it contains map data for Bali as well.

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