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Laos MapLaos is a great country to visit. As you might know, I’m a big fan of Laos, as it’s still cheap, unspoilt, great scenery, with friendly people, delicious food, tasty beer and a relaxing and free atmosphere.

Sort of Thailand 20 years ago, as some things are pretty similar and most Lao people can speak Thai and even have Thai ancestors or relatives. You can even pay with the Thai Baht almost everywhere.

Seems like recently some Lao Ex-Military were copying its bigger neighbour brother a little bit too much. Just saw on CNN that some Ex-Military and Generals of Laos in the US, who fought together with the CIA against the Lao Guerrilla forces in the early 1970’s were planning a Coup d’Etat in Laos.

US Officials said they detained Gen Vang Pao, their leader and Thai-Sonthi-Wannabe and 8 others in California. The goal was to overthrow the current government and jail or kill thousands of Lao citizens.

The BBC reported just a few hours ago:Gen Vang Pao - attempted coup in Laos

The accused allegedly conspired to buy hundreds of machine guns, rockets and explosives from US federal agents who were working undercover as arms dealers.

They are said to have sought to spend millions of dollars on weapons to carry out attacks.

Prosecutors said the coup leaders planned to blow up government buildings and kill “thousands of people”.

The “Hmong insurgency planned to use AK-47 automatic rifles, Stinger missiles, LAW rockets, anti-tank rockets and other arms and munitions to topple (the) Lao government and reduce government buildings in Vientiane to rubble,” a public prosecutor in California said in a statement.

Laos Rice Paddies and Karst Mountains in Vang VienI can only agree with Laos’ foreign minister that the prevention of the Coup and the detention of the Coup Planners is ‘great news’ for all Lao people and friends of Laos. They truly don’t need the chaos and uncertainty of another Coup. The country is poor but developing very fast, so a Coup would have thrown them back many years. It would be a disaster for tourism as well.

If you haven’t been to Laos and wonder how Thailand was when still young and innocent, you should plan a trip to Laos now! ;-)

It looks they might need our support more than ever.

More Laos pictures on Flickr – just click here.

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written by Chris

12 Responses to “Laos: Coup Attempt Prevented”

  1. MikeNo Gravatar VIET NAM Says:

    I am going in a couple of weeks – and looking forward to it.

  2. janedoeNo Gravatar UNITED STATES Says:

    You like the cheap hookers? I don’t think you even understand what’s REALLY going on there and why a 77 year old man would want to overthrow such a regime. Google it, read it, understand it, then give your opinion.

  3. ChrisNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    Cheap hookers? I don’t read that anywhere in the post above. But why don’t you enlight us on what you REALLY want to say? Everyone can have his/her own opinion about regimes, politics and what’s going on in this world. Janedoe, I’m definitely open for discussion about the regime in Laos, but can’t see any substance in your comment yet; except that you seem to prefer expensive hookers to cheap ones. ;-)

  4. dodong floresNo Gravatar PHILIPPINES Says:

    Political chaos wouldn’t do any good even for a progressive country. It will surely drag its economy down :(

  5. Coup Attempt UNITED STATES Says:

    […] Creepy news. When there,  I met a young Lao guy who was about to fly out to LA. He was very wealthy. I now wonder. […]

  6. TimenNo Gravatar SWITZERLAND Says:

    With the recent news of oil in Cambodia, I fear for this region. It seems more volatile than before.

    When I was in Laos last year, I met a young Lao who was about to fly out to LA. I remember how shockingly wealthy he was. I now wonder.

  7. The DinoNo Gravatar UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    Well I would be scared going to Laos because of the Malaria and other dificulties. Btu I was in Vietnam and it was beautiful.

  8. CarlNo Gravatar UNITED STATES Says:

    I don’t know if you read the SF Chronicle, but Pao was released from jail yesterday on bail guaranteed by mortgages on 4 houses, one he owns and 3 others I presume were put on the line by other Lao Americans.

  9. YearinthelifeNo Gravatar UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    This was my greatest fear after the Thai coup – that it would be seen as the “done thing” in the area and give a carte blanche to other SE Asian countries. Even though Burma have scorn poured on them for their anti-democratic leadership (rightly so), Thailand got away with their “bloodless coup” scot-free because Thaksin was such a “nasty man” and had a face way too big for his features. It gave a terrible signal to the military leaderships of Laos and Cambodia so I’m so glad Vang Pao was caught.

  10. YearinthelifeNo Gravatar UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    PS. I notice you’ve been stealing borrowing the BBC’s maps – good work :D

  11. Jack UNITED STATES Says:


    you have a very nice blog and very informative article…

  12. MXiongNo Gravatar UNITED STATES Says:

    Want to know more about why this man is doing this? Maybe the US Government should take some blame for this as well for rescinding on promises made for the help of the Hmong people in the Vietnam War. I would not want to be in Vang Pao’s shoes right now. As a leader the Hmong people look to them to have the USA make good on their promise to take family and friends whom are still over there in Loas away to a safe place. But due to politics his hand a pretty much tied since he can’t very well just do what he tried to do and go take some civilians out of the country from Laos.

    Just look up some stories on youtube and on google. Her’s a link you may want to look at. Tell me if you want to still want to support the Laotian government after this.



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