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Thailands flagI almost feel sorry, for having to write another post about Thai politics. Don’t want to mock them all the time – I really love that country – but I can’t help it. This story could be really funny, if it wouldn’t be the sad but dead-serious truth.

If anyone was still in doubt about Thailands ‘semi-democracy’ turning more and more into a joke show and never-ending soap opera; here is the proof. I couldn’t believe my eyes when reading this latest news about the Coupsters.

Not only do they have little to show, 6 months after the ‘bloodless’ coup, their own people demonstrating against them, but now things are getting funny.

So what would you do to fix the countries problems?

Ask a fortune-teller?!

Yeah right! But – that’s exactly what the Coupsters just did. Simply hilarious! ;-)

Seems they really didn’t have a plan at all, when ousting former prime minister Thaksin. Since then it went mainly downhill for Thailands economy and investors confidence in the country. Surely things are on the wrong path and you can’t help but wonder, what will come next in the global Thai-Politics-Comedy:

Thai Junta leaders visit fortune-teller

Senior members of Thailand’s ruling junta, the Council for National
Security (CNS), have been visiting a renowned fortune-teller in the Thai
province of Chiang Mai to ward off bad luck.

The group visiting the seer yesterday was led by CNS secretary-general and defence permanent secretary
General Winai Phattiyakul and CNS deputy chief Chalit Phukphasuk, the
Bangkok Post reported yesterday. This was the junta members’ second visit
since the coup last year.

The fortune-teller, Mr Varin Buaviratlert, has reportedly been CNS leader
Sonthi Boonyaratkalin’s personal adviser for some time now. Gen Sonthi’s
wife, Mrs Piyada, was part of the group visiting the seer.

Just had to remember what the late Bernhard Trink (Ex-Bangkok Post Nite Owl writer) always said, when things like this occurred in his chosen exile-from-home country: “T.I.T. – This is Thailand!” And followed by a hearty “I don’t give a hoot!”. Here we go again, Bernhard!

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written by Chris

6 Responses to “No plan after Coup? Visit your fortune-teller and you are set!”

  1. dodong floresNo Gravatar PHILIPPINES Says:

    Visiting a fortune teller?!! Obviously, they were unprepared for the next move after successfully taking the government seat…

  2. MaxNo Gravatar THAILAND Says:

    Yes, the pantomime that is Thai politics continues. It seems that the world and his wife is preparing to leave Thailand, everyone I speak to seems to be fed-up and moving. General feeling is that blood will spill before it gets better.
    Rumour has it that Madonna is looking to buy a house here so I guess the coup-meisters will all be following the Kabalah soon.

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  4. tutubiNo Gravatar UNITED STATES Says:

    fortune teller? by national leaders? that’s another “good news”

    bad thing with those people. the only plan is to seize power. then what?

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    […] card reader to give them guidance and direction with their love life and business affairs. Even political leaders have been known to consult with a fortune teller – ex P.M. Thaksin and the coup leaders who deposed his government are two prime examples. […]

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