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nomad's snippetsWanted to share with you quickly some interesting reads I found recently on the web:

The Case For De-Cluttering Your Life Right Now

Over at Brave New Traveler, which always has great, original and inspiring write-ups about travel in the 21st century, Jenn DiPiazza wrote a great article about the ‘hoarding and gatherers instinct’, which is still somehow in most of us. The thing is that we collect more and more ‘stuff’ during our life, which makes us more ‘im-mobile’ and fixed to a certain location. You amass a lot of useless things, waste plenty of money and end up needing more and more space for it.

She learned an important lesson in life when living for a while with Navajo Indian Americans in the middle of the desert. After that she started to prioritize and to live more with less. That’s how she gained flexibility and the freedom of mind to move on to new shores and to explore the world around her. These are the first steps if you are really planning to travel more or even travel permanently, to get rid of all the ballast in your life, downshift or do and purchase only, what really counts in your life and for your self-development. Who knows, maybe you can even retire early, maybe already in your 30s? ;-)

Traveling Stories Magazine

If you love reading travel stories, mishaps and anecdotes of other fellow travelers in foreign countries, you have to check out this site! Michael Warren over @ TSM is truly a cosmopolitan character and has great talent to tell stories as they happen and unfold a whole complex world of problems and adventures on their own. From Carrying around 200 snakes on Whidbey Island, to Roaming the streets of Calcutta, India complete with Beggars, Gangsters and Taxi Drivers to the Art of Buying & Selling in foreign countries, to Getting Robbed in Shady Places by Russians in Turkey (part 1 and part 2), his site has so much to offer! The stories Michael and his Co-Authors tell, are interesting, honest to the bone, personal and sometimes unbelievably hilarious. On top of that you’ll find great tips and tricks for your own trips. What a great example of a travel site!

Reisen in Asien

Tobias is a German Expat in Singapore and an Ex-Colleague of mine. In his free time – together with his ‘blonde-bombshell-girlfriend’ Mona – he travels extensively around Asia. So if you are an Expat in Singapore and don’t know what to do during your weekends, or if you are a German thinking of moving from ‘Deutschland’ to work and live in Asia for a while, check out his site. You can get an impression on what you can expect to see and do in Asia. May it be Mountain Climbing, Diving & Snorkeling, Go-Kart and playing Golf, Jungle Trekking or just lazing out at one of Asia’s many beaches – he did it all and more! From Hong Kong to Moalboal in the Philippines, Borneo to the Islands of Malaysia, Cambodia, Nepal, Bali, Shanghai, Vietnam, Phuket or Krakatau – you can read his trip reports and see recent pictures of all the above places. He even runs a small travel forum with tips and tricks about the various countries, cheap flights and costs of living comparisons in Asia. (This site is in German language!)

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written by Chris

8 Responses to “Nomad’s Snippets – De-Clutter your Life, Travel Story Sites”

  1. JulNo Gravatar SWITZERLAND Says:

    Thanks for the link to the decluttering article – that’s a big theme in our lives right now. It feels so good!

  2. dodong floresNo Gravatar PHILIPPINES Says:

    Hi, Chris!
    Your introduction struck me straight through…
    Yes, I buy a lot of things, realizing later I didn’t have my own house to put all of these things. Later, it became a burden for me to move from one place to another. I should have minimized things…
    Thanx for the idea. I might need to remind myself about “de-cluttering” my life through this blog entry…

  3. MikeNo Gravatar MALAYSIA Says:

    I wrote a similar article not so long ago:

  4. ChrisNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    Thanks for sharing that article, Mike! I like especially your analogy with the Zen minimalist approach. Aren’t they really smart these Japanese? ;-)

  5. JennDZNo Gravatar UNITED STATES Says:

    Hi Chris! Thanks so much for the plug! I am so glad that you enjoyed the article!

  6. PattiNo Gravatar UNITED STATES Says:

    Hi Nomad,

    Great to see you and others doing what I’m working on. Decluttering is where I am, and have been for the past 5 years!

    I’ve already donated 20 boxes of like-new books to my local library, LOST money on “feebay,” and gave away roomfuls of household goods and clothing to local thrift shops and charities in two states. Right now my house is technically de-cluttered, but once I find new homes for my furniture and a few other small things, I will reach my goal of “everything I own in my car” (which at 10 yrs old is reliable and paid for).

    Other than that, I still need to figure out how to make a living “on the road” — without being chained to the Internet — as well as how to bring my 3 cats along. Oh yeah, and how to explain to my Depression-raised parents why I want to leave a steady civil service job, where I just got a raise and a promotion. ;-)

  7. PattiNo Gravatar UNITED STATES Says:

    I guess I was too nice and too supportive in my reply to this article, that it was deleted? That’ll teach me. :(

  8. ChrisNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    Patti, no worries – no interesting comment gets deleted here!

    I was traveling around East Java the last couple of days and didn’t have access to the internet. Therefore no comment was approved at all – but as you can see, none got lost as well.

    Usually I confirm comments at least once in 24 hours, just didn’t have the chance this time. Sorry for that! I hope you will comment again and enjoy your time at Happy decluttering and congrats to your courageous decision to change your life! ;-)

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