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The Whopper and Burger King as well as Dominos Pizza soon in Bali In a recent development that may seem like a two-sided sword, 2 of the most famous and notorious American Fast Food Giants make inroads by coming to Bali.

While that would certainly mean more options for fast food and pizza lovers, some might argue also that the original character of Bali might get spoiled even more.

The island is pretty much splattered with foreign franchises already, especially in the over-developed South, where Burger Joints and American(-ized) Fast Food Franchises like McDonalds, A&W, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts or KFC are operating outlets in abundance:

So is the plan behind it to increase the weight of the average Indonesian up to western standards, complete Fast Food World Domination or normal expansion in an improving economic climate; not even worth to mention? ;-)

The State of the Union…ahem…Fast Food

I remember eating my first Domino’s Pizza in a shabby hotel room in Las Vegas sometime in the early 1990’s. The Berlin Wall had come down a bit earlier and America with all it was worth to us had a strong pull. Never heard of 2-for-1 offers for $9.99 previously.

Traveling with my old buddy Michael through the western states in a bright-blue Toyota Camry; we made use of one of those offers and tried to down those huge wheel-sized pizzas with sixpacks of Budweisers and Coors Light. If I remember correctly, we were completely incapable of moving after and had to spend the rest of the evening watching ‘My So-Called Life’ with Claire Danes and Jared Leto on Hotel TV.

Ahhh, the good old days!Bali Kartika Plaza  Discovery Shopping Mall

Back to present times, these new developments in Bali are taking place in the Discovery Mall aka Centro aka Kartika Plaza (the name of this mall changed a couple of times over the last 2 years) in Bali’s Tuban area.

This mall features a huge shopping area on 4 levels, combined with Karaoke, Wellness, Bars, sea-side terrace and a traditional Food Court.

You can find here lots of Western Brands for clothing and foods, Coffee Joints like Starbucks, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf or TCC – The Coffee Connoisseur, but also Asian Franchises like ‘Bread Talk’ and ‘Roti Boy’ from Singapore.

Previously hailed Krispy Kreme Donuts seems to have gone out of business in Bali and closed down their outlet of overprized fat-filled and sugar-loaded cake rings in Discovery Mall about half a year back. During the 1990’s, Bali also had some Wendy’s Burger Restaurants, but those were all shut down in the aftermath of the Asian financial crisis which occurred in the late years of that decade.

In-house dining or delivery?

Currently, Pizza Hut or Papa Ron’s Pizza offer American-style pizza inhouse and also home delivery in the Southern Kuta/Legian/Seminyak area up to Kerobokan or within Denpasar. Even McDonalds is delivering their popular menu items of questionable quality with their own fleet of motor-bike delivery boys.

CarlsJr SuperStar Burger - Size doesn't matter advertisingOn top of that, ‘Bali Hallo!’ is offering delivery service for a fee from a variety of over 20 popular Indonesian and international restaurants, including Burgers and Pizzas, in the more populated tourist areas of the island.

Now – if only Carl’s Junior would open an outlet here as well; because as Singaporeans could find out already – size does matter, right? ;-)

The interesting thing about international fast food chains in Asia is that they adopt their menus partially to local customs, like McDonalds is not offering pork-based burgers in Indonesia, but also Nasi- or rice-based dishes or even burgers.

Or Domino’s Pizza doesn’t serve any beef on their pizzas in India. All food items are ‘halal’ of course, a big selling point in muslim-populated countries.

Estimated time table for the opening of BK and Domino’s

The new Burger King outlet would be the first on the island of Bali, although other cities in Indonesia have seen their fair share of them already.

The new Burger King outlet in Kartika Plaza Discovery Mall in BaliLatest rumors are, that it’s said to be opened still in 2010, the shop installations are progressing pretty fast, as can be seen on the picture to the left.

The new Domino’s Pizza outlet just next to it is still in its early stages of construction – the opening is therefore scheduled for the first quarter of 2011. Stay tuned, if that works out as projected.

So ‘…..BK is from Texas’? Not quite right, Mr. Jay Z!

Maybe your multi-talented wife Beyonce Knowles is – but Burger King will definitely be from Bali soon. ;-)

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written by Chris

7 Responses to “Burger King and Domino’s Pizza arrive in Bali”

  1. ChrisNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    Thanks Jennievictorian for the compliment!

    An update regarding the post above: I passed that spot today and the opening of BK seems to be now scheduled for 6th of January 2011. Today was there like a staff meeting/training, around 30 people in BK attire were running around and cooking and serving themselves behind closed doors. If you can’t find the spot yourself, click here for location details.

    No news for Dominoes Pizza though, still heavily under construction. I don’t think they can make it before February 2011.

  2. Ian StruanceNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    So far not open yet! Can’t wait. >:)

  3. ChrisNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    Yup! Wanted to treat myself today with a Whopper, but still only staff training/interviews taking place there. They told me now something like MAYBE 1 more week, or MAYBE 2. But nobody knows for sure. Oops! Welcome to Indonesia. ;-)

  4. DanaNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    Although I’m not a huge fan of all this “western development”, I’d like them to hurry up and open up as well. Eating at Burger King is something I always make a habit of whenever I go to Singapore, as they are clearly superior to McDonald’s. Now I can do it at home in Bali as well, although I imagine I may go once or twice and then be over the novelty of it.

  5. Kent @ Abstract PhotographyNo Gravatar UNITED STATES Says:

    It’s interesting how the “Western” lifestyle is spreading across the world. I would have never, for the life of me, envisioned a Domino’s Pizza in India.

  6. ChrisNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    Some update: The Kartika/Discovery Mall outlets of both BK and Domino’s are meanwhile a few weeks under full operation. Give ’em a try, if you are into that kind of food.

    Domino's and Burger King Advertsing in new Benoa Square Shopping Mall

    It also looks, like they will not stop with only 1 outlet in Bali. When driving on the Bypass to Nusa Dua, I noticed a new shopping mall called Benoa Square on the left side near the intersection where you turn right to Jimbaran. The whole complex is still empty but close to completion and scheduled for an opening coming soon. And guess, who will open outlets in there also?

    You are right, the 2 above suspects. They also do now joint advertising for their delivery service in Legian and also Denpasar.

    Here is a picture of that shopping mall (Benoa Square) with a huge Ad hanging outside.

    Oh yeah, Coffee Bean & Tealeaf and Hero Supermarket – both having already plenty of outlets in Bali – will open another one there also.

  7. AlbertusNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    If you’re in Bali right now, Domino Pizza Bali are having promotion for tune hotel. 10% off or free wi-fi for 1 day. Check it out!

    PS: Only for Tune at Kuta and Double Six

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