May 01

Different Countries Different Habits - Exotic Meat Dishes Anyone?Different regions different habits. Different tastes too. The Italians are practically brought up on Pizza, Pasta and Lasagna only while for Americans the equivalents are Big Macs, Whoppers, Marshmallows, Steaks and for Californians and Mexicans maybe Nachos, Tacos, Salads, Red Beans and Burritos.

How do I know?

There are strange tastes out there as well.

Everyone knows that the Chinese love to eat Cats, Dogs and even Sea Cucumber. The French eat Frogs. Some Germans eat Beef Stomaches, the Bavarians (some special kind of Germans) live on ‘Brezeln and Weissbier’ only. Japanese love to gamble their lives and indulge in poisonous raw fish besides digesting tons of whale meat, shark fins or turtles.

So I wasn’t surprised when running into this advertisement today, when cruising around on our Scooter, looking for a nice lunch joint.

So some Indonesians are seriously interested in eating Cobra Meat, Phytons, Geckos, Squirrels or Bats? Arglglgglgll!

At least they mark it as Exotic Menu. Or does it cater to some specific foreign tongue? Who knows more about that? And what is Salvador meat by the way?

Anyone seen my Blueberry Cheese Cake?

Over and out…

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written by Chris

4 Responses to “Funny Aliens: An Acquired Taste”

  1. JennDZNo Gravatar UNITED STATES Says:

    Well I think the best way to learn about another country is through their food–you always find the most interesting things!

    I just have to comment though, that as an American I did not grow up on foods that you associated with Americans. Like a lot of Americans I eat a healthy diet that I cook with flair. We are not all big macs and donuts. I for one grew up mostly on Italian food as that is where my family is from.

    If you want proof come check out my food blog The Leftover Queen, where I cook up some good food! :)

    Have fun in your travels for a nice lunch!

  2. kcilNo Gravatar UNITED STATES Says:

    hahaha.. I was reading this posting… and think to myself, which ones had I not tasted in the menu?! Yes, being an Indo living in negri bule I kinda miss those weird food tho.. :-) Rabbit tastes like chicken, dog tastes like chicken as well…only it gives you a heart burn as soon as it gets into your stomach. But other things in the menu I didn’t dare to try! hahaha.. happy travelling, and try new food!

  3. Andi VickyNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    if you want to search around theres a lot of another fantastic food that Indonesian people eat. But it different depend on location/region for example in the area that have a lot of moslem they don’t eat dog & pig. But in another area dog, pig, bat is only usual food. Welcome to Indonesia that have a lot of different culture in one country.

    BTW offal from chicken & cow is usual food for a lot of Indonesian people and for me too..:D

  4. RyanNo Gravatar UNITED STATES Says:

    Search “dog korean korea daegu” on youtube and you will see a video of an entire street market in Daegu (South Korea) seeling dog meat, cat meat , cat wine, and steamed live rabbits. During the Pongnal Season (roughly around July-August), dogs are in big demand. Dog catchers prowl the streets of South Korea to catch strays (and even non-strays). My partner even saw a dog catcher truck parked in front of a local restaurant.

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