Jun 10

Drug Warning, 1000 Islands, off Jakarta/IndonesiaDrugs are a no-no mainly everywhere. Death penalties are executed all over Asia, to foreigners too.

In Indonesia people do drugs sometimes, even though most of its 15.000 islands are muslim-oriented. Seems like everyone knows at least the famed ‘magic-mushrooms’ of Bali or the ‘E’-holes of Batam, just a weekend getaway in close proximity to Singapore.

Here, on Sepa Island, one of the ‘1000 Islands’ a few hours north of Jakarta by speed boat, the resort administration makes the rules clear for every traveller.

Don’t say, you weren’t warned about Ecstasy! Posted by Picasa

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written by Chris

6 Responses to “Funny Aliens: Drug Warnings in Indonesia…”

  1. RolandNo Gravatar PORTUGAL Says:

    Didn’t know this one. Indonesia have 15.000 islands? my god, that is alot of islands. Magic Mushrooms are phorbidden, or not?

  2. ChrisNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    Yeah, drugs are harshly restricted in Indonesia. You can go to jail for 10 years for just a small joint or a half pill.

    Funnily you can buy the mentioned mushrooms at every corner in Bali. Seems to be part of the culture here; I just don’t know how the authorities handle those, when getting caught…

  3. AudreyNo Gravatar LITHUANIA Says:

    Maybe the Indonesian authorities differentiate between natural drugs and synthetic ones? Although, that doesn’t explain going to jail for a joint…theory withdrawn.

    Just wanted to let you know that I included you in a meme diamond award that’s going around. I’ve enjoyed catching up on our website now that we’re back in the world of internet access for a few months.

  4. ChrisNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    Audrey, sometimes I think they do differentiate, why else can you buy magic mushrooms freely anywhere in Bali. And I never heard about someone going for jail about them. Although isn’t marijuana a natural drug as well? Strange….

    Wow anyway – many thanks for awarding my site! I feel honored! :D

  5. onindoNo Gravatar BANGLADESH Says:

    The legality in most countries resultet of the Gap of mushrooms not being a plant or an animal but just a mushroom.
    But I can’t find any source which provides the real legal status of shrooms in Indonesia. If you have such a source I would be greatly relieved..

  6. JocelynNo Gravatar CANADA Says:

    10 years?! That’s unreal.
    I wonder why they have such harsh penalties.

    This really caught me offguard.

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