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Traffic Management by Rumblers in GoaIndia is notorious for its crazy and congested traffic, as well as for constant electricity brownouts. Both issues together would make for a catastrophic combination during rush hour.

Just imagine traffic lights at intersections out of electricity, leaving commuters suddenly all to themselves to regulate who has the right of way.

Right of way also is a debatable subject not only in India – but in all Asia – mainly the bigger and/or faster vehicle has the right of way. If in doubt, those with the loudest horn or brightest high beam of lights goes first.

While in bigger cities that isn’t necessarily a problem – as traffic cops sometimes try to help (dis-)organizing the traffic as it slowly flows or not; in the provinces there aren’t usually that many traffic police deployed to regulate traffic matters.

Rumblers ahead - drive slowLack of money and lack of electricity mainly make traffic lights rather obsolete, if there are any at all.

I’m yet to find a single traffic light in the whole state of Goa, even though I’m driving around basically every day.

Here, traffic is regulated by rumblers. Those are basically speedbrakers which are at almost every intersection and should prevent you from driving onto the intersection with full speed. To ensure that, they come in all shapes and sizes, just one small hill, or 2-3 or sometimes even 4 waves of elevated bumps.Drive slow or take off in Goa

And who need traffic lights anyway?

So when you pass an intersection, you mainly have to roll over at least 2 speedbrakers, slowing you down significantly and making for a nice bottle neck.

That doesn’t prevent local or foreign youngsters or Hippies, either high on testosterone, adrenaline, drugs or all of them to fly over these speedbrakers at breakneck speeds.

Traffic Management in GoaTrucks and buses are another plague, driving almost always in the mid of the road, breaking for nothing and no one. Therefore, most accidents in Goa involve either trucks or motor bikes, with fatalities occurring every day.

Driving at night is a complete different topic; as street lights are rare, pot holes and obstacles (including holy cows, water buffaloes, dogs or goat) are many and you will be constantly blinded by the high beams of oncoming traffic.

Drunk driving or street racing is very common here as well, so be prepared to be more challenged than elsewhere.

General tips are to drive rather slow, stay as much to the left side of the road as possible and avoid driving at night as much as possible.

Don’t assume that other drivers are as afraid to die as you – for Hindus believe in reincarnation and won’t have troubles to make it right the next time around – after rebirth.

Do you? ;-)

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written by Chris

2 Responses to “Funny Aliens: Traffic Management by Rumblers – drive slow or take off”

  1. Joe @ India BookingsNo Gravatar NETHERLANDS Says:

    Definitely something to take in account when visiting India, or any lesser developed country. Except for the holy cows, the story seems familiar -generally chaotic traffic, and speed bumps as a budget solution- and I never visited India…

    Funny fact: I have driven quite a bit in South America. When visiting Morocco, everyone warned me for traffic conditions, but I blended in just like that because things seemed exactly the same as in South America.

    I guess I won’t have any problems in India either ;-)

  2. ChrisNo Gravatar INDIA Says:

    Joe, was actually also surprised, how easy I could cope with the traffic here, coming from Bali. It’s actually alright to handle, the most annoying thing is only the constant honking. Especially buses and trucks makes the most out of it, when they pass you or you pass them to blow you a farewell right into your ears.

    So no worries, you won’t probably have much troubles here after South America and Morocco either. ;-)

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