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Nomad's SnippetsI wanted to take the chance to hand out a bit of link love and introduce the sites of 2 Bloggers in Bali, who I know personally:

Hileud is a young and talented Sundanese woman, who writes in both English and Bahasa Indonesia. She is very good at using WordPress and besides her great content is constantly updating and fine-tuning her site.

Too bad that my Indonesian isn’t that good yet; because there are persistent rumors that plenty of young Indonesian males were falling in love with Hileud just by reading her own poems and thoughts on her site. Isn’t that truly magic? ;-)

Check out:

And this young man and soon-to-be father, who just started creating his first website is one of the funniest and most honest individuals I met in years. Nurul is a Javanese guy, living with his brother in Bali. Together they are playing music, design and sell natural, wooden and hand-made instruments. He just started to create his own site a few weeks back; so expect plenty of theme changes and new pictures of instruments and living the good life in Bali!

Check out:

Another thing: maybe some of you have read the latest Buzz in the Blogging World; the restructuring of Google’s PageRank (PR). PageRank was introduced as an algorithm by Google a few years back to rate websites on a scale from 0 to 10, with 10 being the highest, with the most valuable information. It lost a bit of its importance over the years, as more and more automatic link farms and ‘link baiting sites’ popped up.

There are rumors as well, that Google doesn’t like if you use other monetizing options besides Google’s own Adsense (especially paid Text Links like the ones from TextLinkAds) on your site. Hence the reported restructuring, which caused a lot of moaning and lamenting among bloggers.

Plenty of high-profile websites like, Internet Guru John Chow or even the Washington Post or were affected and downgraded by 2-3 points over the last 2 weeks. Here is a nice summary from a Philippine site and some more site downgrades, while here are some more in-depth thoughts and ideas regarding Big G’s latest restructuring and the possible strategies behind it. was affected as well and has now a Google PageRank of 3, down from 5.

Should I really care more? Probably. But hey – Life goes on, right?

OComputer Desktop Backgroundh yes, 1 thing I almost forgot; as it happened already a while back. Since I had my parents visiting me for the last 3 weeks here – I had only a few minutes of time for all things computer related.

You know there are plenty of Chain Letters and Memes going around the Internet; some are quite intriguing, some are even funny or original. My good friend Dodong Flores did it and tagged me once again with one of those sticky things – I just can’t seem to get away from it. ;-)

This time it is about showing off how the desktop of your computer looks. I was a bit reluctant at first; as my recent Computer Catastrophe added to my paranoia of sharing too much personal information on the internet. But then – catastrophes bring you always to a state of a fresh start as well and so I didn’t have much to lose this time.

So, here it is: my desktop background. Still empty, almost virginal. But then, I don’t like cluttered spaces and the desktop is one of them. Pretty boring, uhhh? I refrain from tagging other people this time around and play the ball back to Dodong. Deeeeennnnnng! ;-)

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written by Chris

4 Responses to “Nomad’s Snippets: Hileud and Nurul, Google PageRank downgrade”

  1. Iklan Baris GratisNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    Chris, put your backlink as many as you can at other blogger who put dofollow plugin. Hope it can increase your pagerank.
    Just like me (lol).. ^_^

    or.. you can create many dummy blog, create few article who link to this blog. its a grey SEO technique. Ups.. maybe you already know about that :)


  2. NathNo Gravatar UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    Personally, I think this latest Google PR ‘analysis restructure’ is just another nail in its already almost closed coffing lid. Even in my short time bloggin I’ve seen it lose credibility and it seems like less and less attention is being paid to it, and its gravity seems to be reducing all the time. With stunts like this, soon enough it will only mean something to google – and no-one else. Unless somethng radical happens, I think PR will decrease in importance as time goes on. also, if everyone gets hit in the same way it shouldn’t be a problem as its all relative. Great post!

  3. dodong floresNo Gravatar PHILIPPINES Says:

    I have read of this Google pagerank restructuring and couldn’t care less about it. But then, what can we do? There are lots of technique to regain your high position in the Google page rank but I don’t think I would waste much of my effort for this. For a website with commercial value, I truly believe higher position in the Google pageranking plays in important role.

    By the way, thanx for posting your desktop free view. I think I’m the only visitor to get notice of it ;) (which is good I think so nobody will know what’s on your desktop)I see you’re using iGoogle and Mozilla Firefox as your browser just like me. I think, that’s the only two similarities I get noticed. Other than that, there are no more. I’m still using Windows 2000 for my operating system while you’re using the latest OS available :)

  4. ChrisNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    Dodong, I’m only using Vista, because it came pre-loaded on my Laptop. ;-) I sold my old Desktop last year, as it’s more convenient to travel around with a smaller, less bulky PC. So a Notebook with a fast graphic card suits me best, as I play quite a lot of games as well. Still I have some troubles with Vista, but hopefully they iron them out over time, as it happened with XP as well. Yeah iGoogle is quite useful, as I don’t have to surf all the pages at start, but can see on one page, what’s up, where’s the buzz and where I have to check for more detail.

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